May 25, 2022

21 thoughts on “Kenya’s Ambassador Calls Out Colonizers & Russia for Undermining the Sovereignty of Other Countries

  1. We as Kenyans did not put you in that seat to be bias by only condemning Russia ,majority of Kenyans stand by Russia we're not US slaves ,they think the whole world is there village

  2. I didn't like common sense because I am African and I give apology to the Russian people who I share their country is being circle by the USA. Farther more
    Kenya 🇰🇪 Is acupaying Northern front
    And it has violated somali sovereignty until today kenya 🇰🇪 occupying half off the Somalia so it's shame the popet man shouldn't never speak on behalf of Africa .I sorry 😞 for the Russian people and their government who's looking for peace since Berlin Wall

  3. He Is of afrikan Descent!!!!!
    Afrikans keep the colonial boarders becase Their leaders prefer It to be that way for life, AND the Afrikan people love being in slavery!!!
    Afrikans don't build their OWN destiny.

  4. Kenya is wrong to take sides in this matter. Europeans fighting each other is non of our business. We should maintain a neutral position and abstain from voting for either side.

  5. Problem with have is some countries are more powerful than all the rest combined. Russia can end all life on Earth if it has a tantrum.

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