March 25, 2023

43 thoughts on “KEVIN HART SAYS ANCIENT EGYPTIANS WERE BLACK & GETS CANCELLED!! #KevinHartCancelled #GeneralSeti

  1. Ok now here's the priceless question that nobody can or has answered, if we go with multiple origins or creation for man, what's creating these beings or how is man being created???

  2. General I am a subordinate to your rank I mean no disrespect but you make our people sound like hoes… And when I say I am meaning the ancient Egyptian… They only feel to the Assyrians. And I know that you know this but please said for the people that don't

  3. Black Power β€οΈπŸ–€πŸ’šbang on that wicked azz beast Seti!!! Make β€˜em rewrite their lies w/truth once & 4 all!!!

  4. Shoutout to the General Sara Seti all the way from Toronto, Ontario man πŸ’― We not accepting anymore of these ludicrous assertions being held up by 16th Century racist doctrines coming from them Rabbinical Talmud Schholars The Gods are here and we want smoke πŸ’¨

  5. it says allah a lie because it was allah nanar sinn or allah naaminar sinn aka inlil/jahova who was always lying and trying to scam his brothah enki…. thats y its saying your allah iz a lie.

  6. u mean when the pale Arab came about by way of mixture of the Amorite and Vedic's Hindus ottomites cannonintes and java man…. yes… u said it right… some cave man and i mean a shaggy one is y they made it a rule in hiszlaam to shave to be presentable to Allah.

  7. This nigga hilarious. Most black Americans r bastards and mixed wit white people but I got some nerve to talk about Ethiopians being bastards. How many black Americans r proud to be part Irish, Italian, native American, but reject Africa. This nigga gonna really say the mixed race Ethiopians working wit Arabs to attack Sudanese but Ethiopians can say the same to him. He needs to look in the mirror cuz he ain't pure black

  8. We can't UNITE worldwide as being all called Africans because we would be giving up our BIRTHRIGHT to our lands outside of Africa, but there is a word that we can stand WORLDWIDE under the umbrella of and that's 'ABORIGINAL' and that's the very word that OUT-POWERED the colonizers in Australia. Aboriginal Australians, Aboriginal Egyptians, Aboriginal Asians, Aboriginal Europeans etc. The word ABORIGINAL will crush the colonizers WORLDWIDE because they simply can't debate it.πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈThank me later Brother😎

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