September 20, 2021

4 thoughts on “Khym Ringgold Afrakan-Centered Homeschool Educator (Connections Academy)

  1. My son attends an online academy and he really likes it and does not want to go back to public schools. I hope to eventually do all home schooling myself, but like you said this is a great start. My daughter can also not wait to start homeschooling. She is not old enough for online academy in Texas, and I am the type of person that wants to do something right or not do it at all, so in the meantime she is in public school, but I make sure that I am very involved. But, soon I will do it all myself.

  2. So happy for you … since the issue has came to light, you have had troops supporting you at every instance the so-called conscious has tried to defile your name, your character, and your profession. #gokhym

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