June 5, 2023
King Noble warns Sara Suten Seti if Polight must Go, So does Dr Ben and Marcus Garvey

20 thoughts on “King Noble warns Sara Suten Seti if Polight must Go, So does Dr Ben and Marcus Garvey

  1. You spitting fire. Set em straight Noble. Civilize them. You dealing with savages. Polight is a brilliant young man who needs to elevate his business practices.

  2. Damn K Noble u have fallen from greatness. All polight has done and u justify it to "mismanagment" SMH. It's a disgrace and dishonorable to mentioned Mosiah Garvey in the same breath as snake polight. Chill out.

  3. Let's be clear people. The US govt accused Garvey of fraud not the PEOPLE. The PEOPLE accused Polight of scamming not the GOV'T. K Noble has to be trolling SMH

  4. U rgt noble but please I hombaily begg u big homie,, it aint worth giving white supremacy any more dirt on our great leadres.all man kind have makes many mistakes, , our war is real, noble we cant be divided those of us thats in the know, ur brilliant way of put things togther can make these (saneter stars )come down. They all are warriors who have lost there rgt direction.put em back on king

  5. Just got wind of you and some stuff you say makes sense but, your diffently reaching on this one my dude. So not only did YP to show us the msg he asked him to lie to the people about the PayPal stuff but, he also made a video asking for funds to help aid in a factory for properties that he lied and said was his in Ohio. Told the people the gov't was giving him money to do it an all. I thought you were a up right brother but this video puts a bad light on you.

  6. The beginning of a scam is not giving full-disclosures or disclaimer of product and services and to not perform the written agreement is a breach of contract.Scam is saying i can cure you or situation under a bogus title with no facts,examples,witnesses,results.

  7. You are way off about Marcus Garvey…nYou pushing the European story about him..Are you an agent provocateur and spreading falsehood strangely mixed with truth.

  8. You sound foolish comparing polight to Dr. Ben Garvey dumb nigga what's your agenda? Dr.ben gave us kemit showed us ourselves in Africa true knowledge of self and just by looking at the video I know who you are .

  9. Make no mistake that if the 38 million black citizens of the U.S were given the states of Alabama , Mississippi, and Georgia for their own governmental self rule . They would annihilate each other in one generation .

  10. U know ucc aint fraud lol u niggas is just too scared but lets see aint white people laws fraud lol but u so called conscious community weak niggas dont stop giving into that lol u a joke too nigga black supremacy would enforce laws like ucc get real u ain't about that life weak niggas like u is the reason y most of our women hardly respect us btw quit talking about the dead u the scam

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