What value is your ‘marriage’ giving to your community and the world?

A question which I doubt most couples ever ask themselves…

Families run the world we live in… not Governments, not Corporations, but powerful, visionary, disciplined and entrepreneurial Families.

For the Afrakan Renaissance Project to succeed, we Afrakans must introspectively reexamine our understanding of ‘marriage’, our roles in it, and the role of marriage in shaping the reality of our world.

Join us in the fourth episode of our ‘GBOriginal Griot’ web series, as we tackle these poignant questions;

* Who is a King and Queen?

* Why is it important for Afrakan Men and Women to become Kings and Queens?

* How is ‘marriage’ an Empire Building institution?

* How important is the Queen?

* How important is Division of Labor in ‘marriage’?

* How can ‘marriage’ be a weapon, an asset or a liability?

* What really sustains a ‘marriage’… Love or Vision?

With me is Mr. Victor C. Onochie, a Leadership Coach and Life Strategist. You may learn more about his work at;

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Your Brother,
‘Mazi’ Prince Obioha G.M. Kanu (Ezeagu Ndi-GBO)
Founder/Cre8iv Director,
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