May 27, 2022

25 thoughts on “Kiswahili is now an Official African Union Language 

  1. Does it have its own alphabet? Is it easily assembled to use in sentence? Is it natural for listening and speaking? Does it flow natural? Does it feel natural and easy to learn?

    If yes ok. If not we have better options like Amharic… Gize alphabet.

  2. Kiswahili is the most spoken "Afrikan Language" in "Our Afro Diaspora" In the United States of America "Most Afro / Black Americans that study an Afrikan Language studies Kiswahili… The main language used in the "Observation of Kwanzaa is Kiswahili"

  3. Does this mean the African Union are going to start using kiswahili in the African Union Building , African leaders are going to put this in all African schools🤔🤔.

  4. Not because many more tribes there in Africa they're the most powerful empires of world wd so is not easy to becoming Africa Union language in the here West Africa SONGHAI have more than 40million of SONGHAI language spoken and what about the 7 to 8 Arab countries in north and east Africa so let's think new way

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