September 22, 2023
Kwanzaa: CointelPro, Us Vs BPP, Sister Makinya Sibeko Kouate, Ann Coulter FBI Article - Haki Shakur

& , and Right Wing Reactionaries put out the Articles and that was Started By The and CIA White Nationalist Who Hate Afrikans

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It was a New Afrikan Black Woman Who was And is the creator of Kwanzaa it’s time she get her credit !!!

Makinya Sebiko Koute

Kwanzaa Historical Outline And History of it’s Creation


13 thoughts on “Kwanzaa: CointelPro, Us Vs BPP, Sister Makinya Sibeko Kouate, Ann Coulter FBI Article – Haki Shakur

  1. Hotep. Synchronistic. I was just telling a few ppl about Karenga being an agent and how Cokely exposed him. Facts
    Now look who profits from it. Federal government runs Kwaanza. Facts
    Peace King. Peace love and light to yu and yurs.

  2. Since 1966, Kwanzaa has been celebrated as a black holiday tradition – an annual recognition of cultural pride in the African American community. But how did this holiday originate, and what is its broader cultural significance?

    Kwanzaa: Black Power and the Making of the African-American Holiday Tradition explores the political beginning and later expansion of Kwanzaa, from its start as a Black Power holiday, to its current place as one of the most mainstream of the black holiday traditions. For those wanting to learn more about this alternative observance practiced by countless African Americans and how Kwanzaa fits into the larger black holiday tradition, Keith A. Mayes gives an accessible and definitive account of the movements and individuals that pushed to make this annual celebration a reality, and shows how African-Americans brought the black freedom struggle to the American calendar.

    Clear and thoughtful, Kwanzaa is the perfect introduction to what is now the quintessential African American holiday….

  3. First of all I agree with your basic argument that Karenga being a criminal drug addict who raped and tortured Black women and was involved in a gang war that left two Black Panther Party members dead the FBI exploited as an informant on rival Black racist militants does not mean that everybody celebrating their African ethnic identity in Kwanzaa or involved in creating it is no different than him. We're all individuals more than anything else with our own unique individual DNA fingerprints and life history and good people can celebrate ethnic identity holidays with bad people of the same ethnicity regardless if we're talking Kwanzaa, St. Patrick's Day, Columbus Day, or Cinco de Maya. Secondly you're a racist no different than any Aryan Brotherhood Nazi regardless of your skin complexion making knee jerk racist hate speeches about Republicans like me and my ancestor Bill Keyser who served in the 17th Connecticut Volunteers at Gettysburg and Fort Wagner who risked his damn life killing White Democrat slave owners one of whom may have been your own ancestor raping your slave ancestors or General Colin Powell whom I proudly served under in the US Army and even briefly switched parties to vote for Obama with in his first Primary against Hillary Clinton whom let us note Ann Coulter supported because of her issues with Senator John McCain whom I agree with in his low opinion of President Trump's pandering to White racists. My reason for being a Republican is because I don't see it as beneficial to anyone to support Planned Parenthood racists killing off our next generation of Social Security taxpayers to cover up unsafe sex spreading a global AIDS epidemic regardless of Black people being more statistically likely to die of AIDS or abortions than White people. Rich White Democrats have been manipulating poor people with identity politics since their founder the slave owner Andrew Jackson stole land from the Cherokees to buy votes from poor White people over the ruling of the White majority of the US Supreme Court that it was illegal. The majority of lawyers who make more money the more Black people get arrested are White Democrats not Republicans who own businesses who make more money the more Black people have jobs which is likely why Obama had double digit unemployment until Republicans took over Congress during his last six years in office. Everything isn't about skin complexion. Me, my Korean wife, and the rest of the human race are just as much descendants of the same prehistoric African woman as you are. Like President George Bush I wish you happy Kwanzaa.

  4. Unfortunately, we need constant reminders until we break all these destructive ingrained habits which leave us vulnerable rejecting the very things which are meant to help in our healing process. Salute for the hard work you do to get this vital information to the people Brother Haki. FTL

  5. My Kids are not celebrating that. Thomas Jefferson done a great thing also for the US and it founding but all no lets remove his statue. James Brown sexually and physically abused 1 teenaged Tammi Terrell alone with David Ruffin. Double standards and Black privilege. Stay away from my kids. The man tortured black woman as did the gynecologist who statue waas removed from the campus.

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