November 28, 2022

25 thoughts on “Land expropriation through the eyes of South African farmers | Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field

  1. The truth is, Afrikaans are in a land that their ancestors invaded and stole from the indigenous. They've grown profitable farms, and built diamond mines, etc., on someone else's turf. And the people who were blessed with that land are being shut out and left with little to nothing to provide for themselves and their families. Most can't afford to purchase land…The Black South Africans are working as farm laborers and house staff…This has happened to Blacks and indigenous all around the world by people of European decent. The situation really is a sad one…in this case, the white farmer seems sensible. I hope some sort of an agreement can be met.

  2. I disagree with Leon, black farmers should not be in a any form of partnership with the white farmers unless they willingly do so for advise etc. The issue at hand is land ownership how do the black people get the land that was wrongly taken from them. Look at what happened with BEE??? how well is it helping black people.

  3. To say blacks could not own land is false – they could own land but only in certain parts, mostly their traditional areas.
    To say that whites could own land anywhere in SA is also false. Whites could not own land in black areas.
    Today, in the democratic SA whites are excluded to own land in certain parts of the country…

  4. This nonsense of sharing the land has nothing to do with government caring. It's about a government running out of ideas and choosing to give people land. Of 52 million South Africans how many of them can get the land share and how many have the capital, knowledge, and will to farm. Mugabe did this in Zimbabwe and look at where Zimbabwe is. The ANC is destroying South Africa and has no more lies to sell except to promise to give land

  5. No matter how the media or anyone, esp the white farmers, would like to view expropriation, 'the bottom line' is that, those lands were taken by the barrel of the gun from their original native African owners.
    Expropriation WITHOUT COMPENSATION is the least the white farmers must now except, as reparation for centuries of oppression against Africans.

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