September 22, 2023
Land For Sale In The Gambia, Africa! #gambia #blaxit #repatriation

I made this video to give you an idea of what the the land looks like in terms of space. To show you what 20 by 25 square meters …


21 thoughts on “Land For Sale In The Gambia, Africa! #gambia #blaxit #repatriation

  1. Thats an approx cost which is dependent on where your land is situated. However you will need to get your land fenced, you will need to apply for a fencinv permit to fence land – which is a brick wall around your compound, depending how many blocks high ( average 8 preferable 12 ) will set you back a few thousand dollars. Also get a gate put in ordered to size transported and installed which will be approx 750 dollars, plus get all your documents in order beforehand. This is very important. So documents land, fence and gate will be around 6000 dollars, to be completed within 12 months of purchase. However as quick as possible to stop others building on your land.

  2. In a football field, our people would have a better idea of what it look like brother. Almost everyone is familiar to what a football field looks like here in the states.

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