July 5, 2022

20 thoughts on “Latest Africa News Update of the Week

  1. The British European Rulers and british european elites, their policy does not benefit Africa citizens living in UK. The British European Rulers and british european elites, their International Policy does not benefit Africa citizens living in the continent of Africa. The British European Rulers and british european elites does not want Africa citizens to succeed in life,…

  2. Could you pl;ease raise up are concern about Africa giving right for '''Foreign Military Bases ''' in Africa, we truely against it ( even if the MP's do agree about it – this is killing Africa's stability and security – Un peace keeping Force is a suspect

  3. USA/EU/UK/Ireland, leave Africa for the Africans. Western Statesmen (WSM) have evil will against Africans, thus you too. Besides, w/politics is suffering from accepted corruption & deceptions. Africans are victim of this rotting politics & evil ambitions of the WSM. WSW love to see Africans trimmed off in any way. WSM could not implement this boldly because Western public is not with them. Basically, they have betrayed the w/public. To the W/public the statesmen are providing real aid/assistance to Africans and others. The time will come when the public realize the lies and conspiracies against Africa, etc. By then humanity shall proclaim justice and restitution.

  4. Arab League (AL), madam/Sir, very often I hear humanly unacceptable talks and motions from this league. I can understand the arrogant and liar Western statesmen because they are all pagans and descendants of colonial ancestors. But the AL calls up on the name of Allah (God). You vowed several times backing conspirator and evil Al Sisi/Egypt against the blameless Ethiopians. On the other hand, AL cooperated in any way when Western aggressors demolished the oldest Islamic states and innocent peoples of Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria. AL is ever silent when the innocent children of Allah, the Palestinians, are ever agonize owing to the arrogance of the Western allied Israel. Hence, I can conclude that none of you are believers, you are rather religion masked evils. Stop calling the name of Allah because His name is Holey, and He is the beginning and the end. He is omnipresent and Omniscient. You shall harvest your wage. He is however merciful. For Allah, it is never too late. Repent and avert your anti-Allah algorithms, ASAP.

  5. It is unfortunate that Africans would trust a vaccination, but never asked how the covid (19) came about and the cause of the covid (19) problem, which is still under investigation. Be vigilant, the struggle continues!

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