July 3, 2022

26 thoughts on “Latest Africa News Update of the Week

  1. Africa, don't you dare trust your former sick colonizers! Haven't you learned yet and never go on their territory to meet! Make them come to you! Like Mugabe said, europe has nothing Africans needs!

  2. Nambians: Germany, you killed our people.
    Germany: Yes we did. So what are you gonna do about it? Well just give you a fake apology to make you stop whining about it!

  3. African leaders when are you going to stop getting loans from the foreign country
    African leaders think and make your own money than loans

  4. WARNING, the Covid 19 Vaccinations is said to make women "Sterile" ..Perhaps THIS IS WHY 200milion doses is being sent to Africa?! Yet alone it's when the Vaccines are about to Expire is when they're send to Black People, under the guise of HELPING THEM!😠🤬

  5. It's only stupid people that will believe that their open enemy-former and present exploiters will help them to be better than them.. African countries do not have leaders but agents of outside control of our mineral resources and governmental affairs of the indigenous people.

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