November 26, 2022

24 thoughts on “Latest African Coronavirus News Briefing from the Africa CDC

  1. Why do we need protection?

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  2. The testing alone is what's spreading the covid. My Africa family, don't test or vaccinate. Our race must survive. We are the superior race. Wake up. We are too precious to be wasted away. Be strong. No testing and vaccine. Love you all.

  3. The biggest scam ever! Nothing but a ploy to depopulated people and have everyone vaccinated. As Africans we have to understand that we are the most vulnerable people, that's one reason why the want to use us as lab rats. Sadly the AU itself is just as corrupt as WHO's current director-general Tedros Adhonam who so happens to be a mirror image of most African leaders.

  4. Don’t poison our people with vaccines, we already poor and hated now you want to sterilize the people with these white doctors medicine, y’all Africans leaders are weak puppets

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