November 26, 2022

9 thoughts on “Latest African Coronavirus News Briefing from the Africa CDC

  1. We dont have leaders in Africa. They all work for pinkies to achieve their agendas. The leadership should do the trials on their families. You see how she is fonbelling and can't talk straight. All is a lie

  2. Africa DOES NOT need any vaccines from outside Africa. Anything you receive from any of them outside Africa will be tainted. Work with them by all reason but Don't accept anything from them.
    America has the "Kissinger Report " as part of its foreign policy, roughly translated: it details how to get rid of Africans ,so that the Wuzungu's can take the riches of Africa without even talking to us. You have seen how they treat us in the diaspora . . .
    . . . And YOU leaders STOP taking bribes from Bill Gates and his cronies. They are not your friends !!!

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