July 3, 2022

18 thoughts on “Latest African Coronavirus News Briefing from the Africa CDC

  1. This organization has no any contribution to Africa instead discouraging of local herbal.the centre reject Madagascar herbal without any reseach.this is high level of ignorance

  2. Why are you including others in the Africa CDC. Especially the Gates Foundation and China? Is Africa included in the USCDC and the CDC in China? Why the disrespectful treatment of Africa and Africans by acting like kids for the very people that wants us dead? Come on now, we can rise without Gates money and China pretend help.

  3. It's more than 8 weeks since this virus came to Africa, my country to be precise is 8 weeks others may be longer. This virus is not spreading rapidly in Africa. In other parts of the world yes. More people have died of malaria in Africa than this covid plandemic, over 2000 deaths compared to over 200,000 malaria deaths. And this is the case for the continent which is bigger than the USA.

  4. When Africa comes together as one African nation working together for the benefit for all African People from all African nations being transparent honest willing to be the Change as an example to the Globel world. The Governments all around the World have to listen to your people and the policies and laws must be made for the rights of people, voting must be taken seriously at the time when everyone is back to work I don't feel by mail voting is the way maybe for those elders or those who are compromised other than that I feel it would easily give rise to voting tampering and false results the USA has some corrupt politicians in some states that are trying hard to push for people to stay at home taking peoples rights away and vote by mail and trying to force vaccines but with the proof exposed to the world at large on the source of the vaccine the providers of those vaccines and the Agenda of those who stand to gain financially and Awards I am glad to hear that Africa is supporting their own scientist and curse rather than WHO or Gates foundation or any other deep-state organization that wants to keep using Africans and others around the world as ginny pigs. AFRICA IS AWAKE BLESSED LOVE

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