July 5, 2022

13 thoughts on “Latest African Coronavirus News Briefing from the Africa CDC

  1. Do not join COLLECTIVELY in anything concerning this SCAMDEMIC. The numbers he quoted are WRONG. People DYING from anything in this world as Cancer, Shooting, Car accident, Work accident, Lukemia, or Natural causes was called COVID 19 death. This is PROVEN and the Surgeon General of the USA has denounced Fauchi, Gates WHO, and CDC CONTAIGEON MODEL, which is FAULTY! BEWARE! The test are FAULTY! The results CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT be trusted. They are attempting to GENOCIDE the African Population. They want your VERY RICH COUNTRY, without you in it. Melinda Gates stated "Dead Africans In The Streets". Her Vision is reversed upon herself. Because I trust you will have your Surgeon General do the same.

  2. Go Africa it is about time you take some responsibility and stop begging the Chinese, the so-called white people, the Arab. Ps those nations who kept created those Lab virus is to erase you black people from the face of the earth. Israelites and African Look a like. That's why the hate all blacks together.

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