May 25, 2022

11 thoughts on “Latest African Coronavirus News Briefing

  1. Creating Diseases to Profit from Test Kits, Masks,Vaccines & other Pharmaceuticals. “Oxygen Therapies” since the 1940’s was used to control Viruses, Diseases, Pathogens & Fungus. Because it cost “Pennies on The Dollar”, it’s suppressed by the Medical & Pharmaceuticals Industries. The only “Light @ The End Of The Tunnel” is COVID-19, like AIDS, Cancers & other Diseases are created in Labs & intentionally spread to force Vaccination Programs on Humanity. Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr. Robert B Strecker & Attorney Theodore A Strecker, Submitted to CIA, FBI, Senator’s, Congress & President. March 28, 1986.
    1. Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Ed McCabe
    2. This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, March 28, 1986, Dr Robert B Strecker & Theodore A Strecker
    3. A Higher Form Of Killing, The Secret Story of Chemical & Biological Warfare, Robert Harris & Jeremy Paxman.
    4. WHO Murdered Africa, Dr. William Campbell Douglas.
    5. Dr. Rashid Buttar, COVID-19 Is Man-Made
    6. Dr. Francis Boyle, Law Professor, COVID-19 is a Bioweapon

  2. Covid 19 RT PCR Test..

    Covid 19.. There has not been Any Gold Standard Tests That This Has Been Compared To.
    Covid 19 Has Never Been Purified And Visualised.
    Therefore Acuracy Of The Test Is Unknown.
    Estimated 80% False Positive Rate As It Has Not Been Calculated Against The Gold Standard Test .
    So In Testing For The Virus There Would Be 4 Out of 5 Diagnosed With The Illness When In Fact There Would Be No illness.
    This Vastly Over Estimates The Illness.

    The Test For Covid 19 Tests for RNA From Exosomes.
    Covid 19 Is Actually Exozomes.
    Exozomes Help Remove Toxins.
    Causes For This Reaction In The Body… Injury… Poison…Stress…
    Infection…Lung Disease.
    Electromagnetic Radiation…5G.

    Covid 19 Is Not A Virus But The Action of The Release Of Exozomes Already In The Body

    The Exozome And The Virus Are Indistinguishable To Each Other.
    An illness causes The Stimulation The Body To Put Out Exozomes Because The Exozome Will Send Out The Important Signal As How To Handle This Problem
    And A Part To That They Will Soak Up And Eat Up The Toxins So That They Can Be Safely Removed From Your Body And Recover.

    It's A Reaction To The Real Cause Of The Illness.

    Covid 19 Is An Exonome And Not A Virus.

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