July 3, 2022

37 thoughts on “Latest African News of the Week

  1. Thanks for this Africans news. God bless our beautiful continent. Please our scientist don’t allowed foreign scientist to sell us poisons to killed us, reduced our populations by sterilized us.

  2. Thanks for the mews you do really good, I would like to hear some from Burkina Faso, is between Ghana and ivory coast around Mali, Senegal,Nigeria, togo Niger…. etcetera

  3. Kindly change the word Sub-Saharan Africa. It should be South of Sahara Africa but because World powers always have a game to play then it is how it is now

  4. African leaders are joking 👀 at this (SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMPLEX) in NORTH KOREA…put that in your search engine…y we CYAA do this…..Africans must UNITE!!!!!

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