November 26, 2022

23 thoughts on “Latest African News of the Week

  1. France wrote the Declaration of Human Rights, but it was Haiti that champions it. They are afraid that a rise of Haiti could mean disaster for them. So the powerful of this world continues to suppress and oppress our people. It is coming to an end, though regardless of their futile efforts. The end of wickedness is near.

  2. There is no harm in wearing a swimming cap that protects hair from pool water. Silhouette of Olympic swimming cap should not matter. No purpose for the traditional cap only. And, natural testosterone levels is a natural feature of these female running athletes – leave them alone so they can compete.

  3. I agree that Kiswahili, a neutral, non ethnic, language, be suggested, and implemented as the universal African language for all affairs within the realm of inter and intra national importance. Contract negotiations, governmental, judicial, social, medical, educational, arbitration and decisions, etc. will all be affected. An Indigenous African language should be employed, wherever there have been foreign languages used as the languages of official business. Kiswahili would be the language for all legal communication and documentation of all sorts. This issue has long been a great hurdle to the reality of true sovereignty for Africa. As long as a foreign language has such great leverage, it's ultimate translation will be at the discretion of the foreigner.. This will no doubt result in grave decrepancies in the correct rapport of equity,, sought after by an African negotiator of any contract. This situation must be resolved with urgency.

  4. The disciple sports broads are violating black female's privacy of their health records all of the place. But on one SAYS anything when a Russian female tennis player is arrest for match-fixing at the the French Open ON June the 4th 2021.

  5. Did Egypt considered anyone but themself went they expanded their dam? Egypt has to get use to they are no longer the only one that's attempting to control the Nile. Why shouldn't
    Ethiopia get the same benefits from the Nile that Egypt has? Hopefully Ethiopia is respectful and responsible of the people they have move to built their dam, than the Egyptians were to the Nubian people when they expanded their dam.

  6. Terrorist Tigray People Libration Front (TPLF) is still war mongering after Ethiopia unilaterally declared cease fire. The group is working with Egypt and Saudi Arabia and is working to destabilize to slow or stop GERD and other Ethiopian Development initiatives. Please see my other comment for details.

  7. Ethiopia government feeds Tigray with 70% of the aids it needs. Distributed one billion birr worth of fertilizer to Tigray farmers for the current farming season. The Ethiopian government unilaterally declared cease fire and pulled out troops for better humanitarian access. The Ethiopian government improved the situation in Tigray and Anthony Blinken and the Biden administration continue to undermine and destabilize our country Ethiopia by supporting the terrorist TPLF group under the false name of humanitarian action. The Ethiopian people demand for the USA to stop meddling in our government and sovereignty. We want the USA to cease all communication with the Ethiopian government. Any investigations, reporting, credible communications should only be through the African Union first. African solution for African problems! The United Nations is undemocratic as it stands and is not credible for any investigation on this sensitive issues given UN’s track record on Ethiopia in history. As it stands UN undemocratically ignores the voice of 1.4billion people of Africa and 1.4billion people of India but gives two Vito voice to 700 million of Europe!
    Who is TPLF:
    The United States Homeland Security classified TPLF as a Tier III terrorist organization under INA section 212(a)(3)(B)(vi)(III) on the basis of its violent activities before it became part of the ruling coalition and the government of Ethiopia which is when they became a neocolonialist handle in the region. USA does not negotiate with terrorists and Ethiopia does not negotiate with terrorist TPLF either. US, EU, UN stop supporting and emboldening terrorists!!!!
    Terrorist TPLF amassed vast resources in its 27years totalitarian mafia rain in Ethiopia. The group divided the united and intertwined Ethiopian people for centuries along language and ethnic lines with Ethnic federalism system that undermined the central government. After being removed by Ethiopians uprising from power the group mongered war using its resources for months if not years towards the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian people! The Ethiopian government refused to respond to the provocation and said would father use the resources to buy COVID medical supplies for Tigray and to improve clean water access for Tigray mothers than use the resource for war against this group! Then the group committed a treasonous attack on 200 military camps killing many EDFs unprovoked at midnight and looted 80% of the Ethiopian military weapon stationed in Tigray for years to protect Ethiopia from foreign enemy. The terrorist group fired the rockets it looted to Eritrea and Amhara region. The USA, EU, and UN ignored these crimes of the terrorist group and were quick to blame the Ethiopian government of atrocities by the Ethiopian defense force once started to respond to the attack. Form then on, every disinformation that was manufactured by the terrorist group was backed and echoed by the USA, EU, and UN without any corroboration with AU, without any collaboration with Ethiopian Human Right Commission or without any credible investigation. Due to the clear support and historic violations of the UN, EU, and UN in Ethiopian, the governments policy for checkpoint and escort was pronounced as an evil act that blocked aid which is unfounded with the 70% aid provided by the ET government. This was blame was eventually magnified and used to pressure the Ethiopian government to call for unilateral ceasefire in Tigray. The Ethiopian government not only unilaterally declared cease fire but also pulled troops out of Tigray. When done so, USA, EU, and UN media quickly echoed the terrorist groups claim of victory and the EDF losing the war! This is the irresponsible act of USA, EU, and UN further fueling violence and division among the Ethiopian people. USA, EU, and UN are currently interfering in small disputes between two ethnic groups on land as appropriated by the terrorist group further dividing the people of Ethiopia.
    Our response is African solutions to African problems. Hegemony, power politics, and disinformation should be the language of the past. It is a disrespect to the intellect of the international community to unjustifiably pressure a developing African and black nation (Ethiopia) and its 114 million people to push the political and economic agenda of the west by threatening more destabilization through the support of terrorist and treasonous group be it TPLF or TDF. It is ironic that we are witnessing this political pressure from western states while blacks are protesting BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊🏿 in the USA and Europe. Saudi Arabia is targeting and imprisoning lawful Ethiopians after Al-SiSi (EGYPT) visit to Saudi Arabia regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). They both want to dominate Nile water and the terrorist group promised Tekeze river water to Saudi Arabia MBS if they can support him to annex Tigray! UN is ignoring the Saudi’s reprehensible act against lawful Ethiopians! Close to 3000 Ethiopians were brought back to Ethiopia from Saudi Arabia! The USA and Europe are engaged in multiple active wars in Africa and around the world today impacting human right and yet the UN is choosing to ignore it. The chaos in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Mali, and others is a testament to the outcomes of United States and Europe meddling in the internal affairs of those nations! We the people of Ethiopia reject the language of the USA with 800 military sites around the globe and bad human right track record. Western politics and institutions with a history of global colonization, bullying, subjugating, oppressing, looting and destabilization of developing nations to this day should say the least when it comes to moral condemnation, democracy, human right violation. We the Ethiopian people can see the economic and political gain motive of the west in the region disguised under a humanitarian outcry. We also request that the UN should democratize Vito power and the international community voice. We should not have a UN that ignores 1.4billion people of Africa and 1.4billion people of India but gives two Vito to Europe. The international community mourns the impact and loss of two world wars, the psychological trauma of the Cold War, and the impact of the use of a nuclear weapon attack on cities, and civilians to this day. Yet we see these same nations with Vito power preaching false moral condemnations while practicing sabotage and hegemony to control peaceful developing nations. The people of the international community demand a democratic and equitable UN or dissolve its mandate for an alternative, peaceful, and democratic international brotherhood and sisterhood organization.
    Western and Middle East media are purposely misleading about terrorist TPLF’s = TDF’s act of war mongering with the Federal government. You can look at the the group media on November 13. It is claiming that they took a thunderous preemptive anticipatory attack on the Ethiopian defense force. Mind you that this was conducted at mid night coordinated and unprovoked on 200 military camps. In the day of the unprovoked barbaric coordinated attack by the terrorist group, many of the EDF members were helping Tigray farmers as usual to harvest and to fight locust in the field. They terrorist group killed many of the northern command EDF forces and looted 80% of the entire Ethiopian military weapon that was stationed in Tigray to defend Ethiopia. Prior to this act, TPLF = TDF became ungovernable lawless warmongering rogue with all the power and wealth it amassed in its 27 years on power. Out of the 10 regions in Ethiopia, all the 9 Ethiopian regions except Tigray had 118 conflict in one year fueled funded and planned by TPLF. After this group is removed from Tigray, the 9 regions became relatively peaceful. If you think it is the Ethiopian defense force that is committing this humanitarian crises in Tigray, think again because you don’t know or you are mislead by the groups western media backed propaganda. This is purposely being ignored by western and middle eastern media, institutions, and politicians because TPLF benefited their economic and political agenda in the region. The disinformation on the issue is misleading the international community and further dividing our brothers and sisters in Tigray and Ethiopia.
    The media are supporting and echoing the TPLF disinformation sidelong the lawless, and terrorist TPLF coordinated attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force. The group is not only engineering humanitarian crises but also orchestrating on international media to gain the war it lost in battle on propaganda and psychological warfare.
    Many Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans protested the heinous crimes and torture on civilians, journalists, and opposition parties by this group for 27 years in Washington DC which was ignored for all these years by western and middle eastern media. Western and middle eastern media became deafeningly vocal in support of this group once the Ethiopian people toppled and defeated the neocolonialist handle TPLF mafia with public uprising. One of the current reasons for this GERD, Nile water use by Middle East in Sudan, weak Ethiopia, need for puppet government, Elsalam canal, China economic influence in the region, the need for raw materials, agricultural products….etc. What is TPLF apartheid? It is terrorist TPLF demanding superior resource, superior vote, superior political power in the name of Tigray than all Ethiopians after committing heinous crimes, dividing and weakening Ethiopia for 27years, treasonously attacking the Ethiopian defense force unprovoked… We want our brothers and sisters in Tigray without the criminal group and the dividing mindset it implanted! Openly boasting to be the next Israel and to bend the remaining Ethiopian to be the Palestine of the region

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