July 3, 2022

29 thoughts on “Latest African News Updates of the Week

  1. If they returned the president tooth , they should ask them for the body too if they can't show them where the body is they need to cut every tied with them that will free them from their long dependency on the county. The strategy get it.

  2. I have a few adjectives to describe why France will never apologize. Historically, France is known of being amorphous, pernicious, subterranean and surreptitious. Please feature how in 1825, Haiti was forced to compensate France 150 million francs in exchange of recognition as a sovereign state. This was after the Haiti revolution.

  3. Summer is here again with the restriction of movement and recess to be enjoyed by most workers. It's an opportunity to utilize and redirect this funds into life changing investments as to secure financial sustainability!!!!

  4. Kenya just gave 12 tons of food to India due to Covid, the other day Millions were donated to France by a West African country.South Africans were picketing the streets in support and solidarity with Pakistan. Can Africans stop this nonsense and start reaching out to their SUFFERING BROTHERS RIGHT IN THEIR OWN BORDERS???!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!

  5. Keep it up, one day you will have freelance reporters and correspondants going live with the news and events as they happen in Africa. This is very much needed in Africa. For Africa to finally control its own narrative and media in a honest way! I really hope this youtube channel one day grows itself into a conglomerate in African News Current affairs cultural events music arts and general discussions, editorials and commentary in sophisticated and in high quality ways. I really hope they can visualize and think big and be brave and finally report the truth and not just read the headlines, but make the headlines, the potential is staggering, the niche is untapped! They will be a multibillion force! Can they be brave?

  6. I think Football will be more succesful than basketball in Africa. Africa is a football nation! I wish African western based footballers would go down this route, it will really work! What do you think guys?

  7. France apologizing to Rawanda, Germeny agreeing to pay reparations in Namibia, D.R.C getting lost remains. Why are all these former colonizers suddenly trying to 'make things right'?

  8. First the waste is sorted to remove {{rubble} and {metal} can be use also for ? }, and then the plastic is baked β€” just like "making cookies," joked Matee β€” before the boiling mixture is molded into building blocks. Her setup can churn out as many as 2,000 per day, and they're 35% cheaper than standard bricks, and up to seven-times stronger. Right now, Matee's bricks are only being used for pathways in small households, but she wants to target big construction companies. Kenya's fight against plastic pollution isn't just a homegrown issue. It's complicated by the fact that, two years ago, the U.S. exported more than one billion pounds of plastic waste to 96 nations, including Kenya. Now Washington wants to make the shipment of more plastic waste a condition of a proposed trade deal. Greenpeace activist Amos Wemanya believes Kenya can barely manage its own waste, let alone recycle America's. "It would be importing more problems if we were to allow this U.S.-Kenya trade deal to be used as a way of dumping plastic waste on the African continent," he told CBS News.

    {you can also make Hair that black women wear in America} {Plastic's, make where Hair}

  9. West African leaders suspended Mali from their regional bloc Sunday over what they said amounted to a coup last week, Ghana’s foreign minister said after an emergency meeting to address the political crisis in Mali.

    The bloc, the Economic Community of West African States, β€œis worried about the security implications for West Africa because of the continued insecurity brought about by the political upheavals in that country,” Foreign Minister Shirley Attorkor Botchwey said.

    No, you got to have people from each countries in a Regional Military ready for things like this, organize agricultural for all people, build your own water systems ect

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