January 28, 2023

43 thoughts on “Latest African News Updates of the Week

  1. I have been residing in New York City for the past 37 years. Currently, I lived in a homeless shelter not far from the diamond district's .Black folks who lived in midtown manhattan can only live in homeless shelters. I walked to the diamond district and announced that we are no longer exporting our gold to the west and that we are going to.make them pay for Apartheid, a crime that the UNITED NATIONS , declared as a crime against humanity, "GENOCIDE" Be vigilant, the struggle continues!

  2. Africans, we should al be l thankful to the Ruwandan president, Paul Kagame for an Agenda he recently put forward: that is for Ruwanda to buy gold from other African countries, instead of exporting it to the west. This idea is not only brilliant, but it enables the African continent to have control of it's natural resources. BRILIANT IDEA. Be vigilant, the struggle continues!

  3. The scholarship money of $5,000000 ( five million dollars) offered to Nigerians students for scholarships to attend Ivey league schools i like Harvard, is to use top African students to conduct experiments on their brains, because in New York City, the Homeland security department is waging war on African immigrants, targeting the Neuron to create mindsets that resembles their own. Please protect our children from the enemy. This offer has nothing with money, it has everything to do with maintaining our tradition, and culture. Do not let this become a pattern that the enemy can use to control or divide us. We do no longer need to study in the west. We can study at home in our colleges, and universities. Be vigilant, the struggle continues!

  4. It’s only in Africa where building of hospital is an achievement. how can building a hospital be an achievement, is it not your responsibility in the first place as a government.

  5. I am from Bangladesh. I like this channel very much.
    The newsreader is excellent.
    I think it would be better if the news is read country by country. For instance, completing all Kenya news we can go to Tanzania and so on.

  6. They trying to kill the Zulu Nation. They burned the library, with their records burned. I believe their last King and Queen may have been assinated . And now THEY pushing those vaccines on those South Africans. They trying to destroy Black Strength with those vaccines. Don't trust those vaccines. They want to weaken and eventually wipe you out, Black South Africa.

  7. It was Africans who captured and enslaved Africans and sold them to Europeans for arms and ammunition to kill and control through tribal wars slavery going on in Africa over 2 thousand years and still happening to this day research your history

  8. WHO, CDC, (Bill Gates and Melinda Gates who are not a licensed doctors but, a eugenic like his father and so many in America’s and Europe’s government and elite families). They always tell everyone who their after with their propaganda media machine and when all of them are speaking of one group at the same time. We the children of Africa better start chanting and praying them to a quick non reproductive death, they are demons and they don’t belong amongst us.

  9. They non organic people are always using propaganda and spiritual mind trick to speak negative things on to Africa and her children, it’s time to chant them away forever and in the meantime, give them”ONLY” back their vaccines as the patients and hold them for 6 months to see the full side effects or deaths from their vaccines.

  10. All of these Covid19 vaccines have Nanomedicine and Covid19 in them, a quick google search will show anyone that. Go to America’s http://www.CDC.gov and search the site for “VAERS”, all side effects and deaths are listed from taking these vaccines but, the deaths and side effects are never reported on the main stream news. Google how many people have died from taking these vaccines, these vaccines ARE NOT FDA approved in America!!! Stop letting your known enemies keep giving vaccines to kill you. Here is a news article from California that is echoing the same problems the women in Kenya are having, https://abc7news.com/covid-vaccine-menstrual-cycle-clinical-trials-and-side-effects-women/10557707/.

  11. 2 responses. First, it is so food that private ownership of lions is now against the law. That needs to be extended at least to ALL cats. Next, realize that avocado growing consumes very large quantities of water.

  12. I think all european countries that have murdered africans, stolen Africas wealth and hurt the continent in so many ways should give a huge part of our BNP to help Africa flourish! I`m a white swede and I feel shame for what my country have done in Africa. Sweden was partner to Belgium during King Leopolds genocide and thousand of sculptures and art works that Sweden has stolen from Congo remains here today! Europe should treat Africa in a much better way than it does today…

  13. A sceret ,make shour you get out in the sunshine to get your VITAMIN-D ,if you want to survive the cronavirus and Covid-19 ,you all being lie to . VITAMIN-D can cur disease. Get your sunshine -D , do your research ,don't rush to take vaccine the will kill you all .they want your land with your Wealth beneath your feet .wake up you AFRICAN .for get the distraction .the human body is made of protein and fats , but good fat like green gold, the good fats and eat your fish your lamb an beef an goat meat. Nuts .hight protein diet and low carbohydrate .🥰🖤

  14. I don’t get Nigerian government. Why are you letting the USA and the European going and taking your intelligent children. Why don’t you keep them there and give them all the tools and materials for them to invent things for your country. The USA and Europe give them scholarships to study in there country so they can invent things for them. That’s how those countries became so rich and powerful. Stop letting them take your genius’s children out of Africa. Keep them there. So they can invent thing for you. and not for another country.

  15. They should stop hurting our animal's we here to protect them. We are so stupid fools . It is the reason of the gentiles system programmed matrix to control us woke up Africans , free ursef , jesus is just a story to control u. Putting fear in ur minds ,

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