July 5, 2022

19 thoughts on “Latest African News Updates of the Week

  1. Ido state the home of brilliant mathematician
    Ayebo .So brilliant that NASA taps him to do mathematical calculations when they encounter problems with their Space flights.Though they won't give him any credit same like the three black women depicted in the recent movie "Hidden Figures"
    It is also the state of the African king who had the British enslaved to build an air strip or some sort of project.
    That prompted the British to end slavery. They won't tell you that.
    All praises to TMH.

  2. Why does the West interfering in other sovereign nations?
    Are they going to return Libya's eleven tons of gold looted from Libya's Central Bank or is that the reason for their opposition to Said
    Quaddafi / Ghadafi.

  3. 2nacheki, please do you know why subtitles are in Amharic? For a couple of days now, when I switch on the subtitles while watching your videos, I get Amharic and Portuguese subtitles, what is going on.
    Subtitles help when one is at a noisy place, or football watchers within or neighbours are a bit noisy, subtitles are also good for people who are hard at hearing.
    I presume you don't control the subtitles, but please contact YouTube about this problem. A couple of hours earlier today, I switched on the subtitles while watching this video, and it presented subtitles in Portuguese, and right now, the subtitles are in Amharic!!!

  4. Dear YouTube, please why am I getting subtitles in Portuguese? I don't speak Portuguese, and I haven't chosen Portuguese as a second language or for any purpose?
    I like to watch some videos with the subtitles, but for the past couple of days, when I switch on the subtitles, it gives other languages except English, today it's Portuguese, previously, it was Ethiopian / Amharic, and others, is it because I'm hacked? Can you please explain what's going on? Thanks.

  5. In Canada, we pay 15% tax on nearly everything, including cell phone bills, TV bills, and internet. That's not all 🙃! On top of that, we have to pay about 20-25% of tax to the government before we even get our pay from our employers. Let's not even talk about property tax and the rest. On average, 45 to 55% of the average Canadian's pay goes in the government's pockets every year. Every time we make 2 dollars, 1 dollar get's into the government's pocket.

  6. thank you to Rawada and Burundi leaders for making peace.. and Africa needs to keep an eye on Egypt's leader he kind closer to them Babylon leader.
    there is no more terrorism than the Western military in Africa they create that terrorist game to keep fear among the people, where are the sick terrorists got weapons from? can the French answer that? they need to live in Africa before UFO GET involve they have no idea Mali is Spiritual land best thing for the French they need to go home live in mali alone.. them old betray Mali leaders are long in power western game is over in Africa no more to Babylonia system thank you for the news peace be with 2nacheki

  7. Your perspective on the c.a.r situation and partnership with Russia is wrong stop propagating western Propaganda the UN is not an independent organisation aiming to help Afrika nor Afrika.

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