October 26, 2021

39 thoughts on “Latoya’s headed back to America why? Hear her experience during her first visit to Africa.

  1. So true you guys are saying it like it is.
    IF it is so bad why are flights to African 60% or more Whites? Whites how have Europe and other places to visit????
    Why do they keep coming yet tell you it is BAD.
    Folks you have been Hoodwinked.

  2. That is a very sweet, personable and beautiful lady.
    She is a gem. I pray she starts her own channel.
    Why? African needs many more Ambassadors to tell the story.
    Remember – NO GUN Shots
    Safe place
    Nice people.
    She is beautiful

  3. Sad to hear that she walked away from her faith. I understand we were taught to the bible from eurocentric perspective.
    What a disservice to the black community because the bible is about us. Eden encompassed all of Ethiopia.
    Just as prophecy is being fulfilled people are walking away from Jesus. Very sad.

  4. Now I am familiar with the south and yes they are slower when it comes to certain things because of their environment. But I was extremely confused by how she didn't know anything about Africa until a pandemic hit. That is very profound especially since this is 2021 and some African Americans are still in the dark about Africa as a Continent.

  5. My African friends want me to go Nigeria with them but I told them if I go they will have to reach Carribean with me real freedom well BC of covid there is restrictions tho

  6. I have been to Ghana in 2004 to study the History as it relates to America with the University of Memphis. I traveled around with the professor. I enjoyed it and had a desire to return but did not. I met quite a few Ex-Pats there some had established thriving business.

  7. It would be great for Latonya to talk about where how she did in terms of living arrangements. Ticket prices etc. If someone wants to come to Tanzania Africa the will have a visual for planning.

  8. Curiuos,You seem,and you are anti america,Have you given up your american citizenship,If you believe what you say,You would give up your citizenship in protest,of americas racism.I bet its almost impoossible to become an african citizen,Most of your african brothers an sisters are anti american too,even if your black.The african brothers and sisters want to scam you out of your money,because they think your rich,because your american. Iam not a racist,I know you are,remember god is color blind,I believe in a supreme being,You will be judged,as we all will someday.God is color blind,and so should you.russ.

  9. Traveling to Nigeria many years ago was truly a Spiritual Awakening for me….I was able to live with and amongst the people and engaged in an Cultural Learning Experience for the people and myself…..
    I think about My Experience much and often and I truly desire to go back to Nigeria as well as the whole African Conentant….💯

  10. If you find discrepancies in the Bible, why NOT write your own Bible, and start with "In the beginning, you discovered discrepancies, and…". First, the air you breath wasNOT manufactured by scientists, and it is FREE.

  11. I am white and American. So I thought I'd get that out of the way. I just wanted to say a couple things. I understand the desire to go where your ancestors are from. Mine are from Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, Pakistan/India, and Sub Sahara African. One thing I wanted to say was Jesus wasn't white. He was Middle Eastern. I also wanted to say America isn't just white. Yea white people are here, but there are Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, American Indians…etc… I hear many people talk bad about America. We still have people from all around the world to come here for education. People from South of the border take risks to get here every day. Cubans risk their lives on rafts to get here. The most recent is the Afghan people hanging off airplanes. There are still a lot of good people here. We have world class doctors and medical care. It sickens me to see anyone mistreated. There is much injustice here on the lines of your economic standing (as well as race), I know America has problems, but I love this country. No one is really from here except the American Indian. I hope you and your boys do well in Africa.

  12. what's with the "European God". Christianity and the whole thing around Jesus is from Judea. That is not Europe. My forefathers long time ago were as pagan as the ones of any Africans. Until Romans accepted Christianity and started to spread it.. and from there on, Germans, English, French, they continued to spread it. And often they spread it through violence.. with swords, torches and whip. They forced people to accept their foreign god and lifestyle. Well, my people, Estonians resisted it for thousand years. When Germans colonized our land and forced our people to slavery, they also started forcing Estonians to go to church.. or be whipped. Estonians went to church but after that they went to woods, to their pagan holy sites and washed away all that foreign brainwashing. Now, in modern days, Estonians are the least religious country in the whole world. This is the story how Christianity IS not European religion and how it was brought also to Europe by means of colonization and slavery.. both mental and physical slavery. And most of the Europe fell to it

  13. There is what media tells you about the world and then there is what the world is really like. I went out into the world at a very young age travel it extensively and NEVER EVER trusted media in my country again.

  14. Hi Latoya, listening to your testimonial on Africa I would like to understand your correlation of not believing in GOD to why u moved to Africa. Even before your researching your roots our ancestry goes even further. Remember when GOD told Abraham that his seed would be innumerable, well we are the seed of Abraham. It even goes further than that because it all started with Adam and Eve. GOD our Father is the creator of all life! I pray that you find a Bible study and be enlightened and informed on Christianity! Don’t give up on GOD because He certainly won’t give up on us!

  15. sister Latoya please do not follow MAN because man has a fallen is sinful nature GENESIS 6:12 KJV "And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth." Genesis 6:12 or do not follow the WORLD sister Latoya so please understand the bible's principals is to be exalted, Joshua 1:8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. Matthew 4:4 KJV: But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. i hope you have read the whole bible sister, the bible will guide you because it is the word of God blessings to you

  16. OK dear, good for you but whatever you do don't fall into atheism because of disillusionment. It is good that you questioned what you were taught but still have a belief in a creator, as true faith is not unquestioning. That said, much of what is taught in mainstream Christianity is false and has no bearing whatsoever to what Christ taught. You must therefore make a distinction between Christendom (false) and Christianity (true). Just like your trip back to Africa find out for yourself from the source, that book was was written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Koine Greek. Much of its meaning is lost in translation and interpretation, there are nuances you will never know that will change your perspective but they don't want you the congregation to know about. It is also not a white man's religion, it was appropriated from the Middle East and Jesus was not white.

  17. The European blue eyed blond haired Jesus is not a real historical figure, the mythical Jesus was copied from an African freedom fighter who opposed the white Roman empire's occupation of North East Africa and it's people.
    Second point, no one at that time in that region could have been called Jesus, because the letter J did not exist. It came into use in the 16th century in 1524 by Gian Giorgio Tressino, a language scholar.
    The real name of the African freedom fighter was Yashua Ben Kin Dar and he was born in Ethiopia, not some manger in Bethlehem surrounded by live stock and three kings/ wise men or magicians/magi. He never walked on water , raised the dead or heal the blind, he was just a brother fighting for the liberation of his people and was hanged for that, not crucified, Acts 10 verses 38 and 39 states this.

  18. Jesus said, " The traditions of men hath made the word of God of non affect" This is nothing new and the problem is that just what she's saying. Many churches don't tell their members to actually get a relationship with Christ and actually study the word on their own. So they are easily tricked into thinking Jesus Christ is white or that he thinks like a typical condescending white American. Most folks don't even read the bible for themselves. So It's not surprising at all that they would fall away because they finally realized that the churches are bound in religion and never received the Holy spirit and never had a relationship with Christ. " All who call me Lord Lord shall not enter the kingdom of heaven" – Jesus Christ. What she said about worrying about the White American Racist Police is most def real. But the whole Turning on Jesus Christ is old and Corny. Read for yourself and get Christ for yourself.

  19. You look so young Mommie of 2 teenagers. And I'm so elated for your journey out of reliance aka religion. And the Spiritual an Spirit will guide you numerous places in your journey. Because you'll never stop exploring. A Systar after my Heart may the Universe protect and provide all your realities.

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