July 6, 2022

20 thoughts on “Launch of the African Children’s Book Maua & the Garden of Plenty

  1. Too bad the African leaders look at them as inferior to the ppl the do business with. They would rather ppl other than their youth to build up Africa and Owe them forever putting the debt on the African children. Smh.

  2. This is a good use of the channel. I remember my little brother was named after a character in an African book my mother used to read to me. Is there any way we can find it in the west?

  3. 💡Reading is the REAL KEY TO EDUCATION, at ANY AGE and FOR ALL THE AGES!✅
    🎊HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY to all the women of Africa!😚😚

  4. When it comes to history it would be helpful to keep as close as possible to true facts and names. For example the Wolof Empire spelt Ouolof : 14 to 16 century

  5. This is absolutely awesome! Children stories are the most pure and wonderful readings! Glad to see this channel spreading their wings, in exactly the direction Afrika and Our Ancestors need them to go!
    Who else better to tell Our stories to our children, but Us!
    Hongera! Asante sana!!

  6. Congratulations, with the launch of this beautiful book🎊🎉🎂 We need more Alkebulan books for our Brown malanated childeren and adults in different languages. Also comic/educational films/documentaries, childeren TV series, brown dolls with natural hair, schoolbags etcetc This is a very big market! 🤎

  7. My question is that why don't a real African woman, jet black be shown in such very important events. Brainwashing of our people into thinking that a light skin is better. How long this has to continue. We black people are surely in lalaland

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