Literature: “Message to the People” by Marcus Garvey
Commentator: Onitaset Kumat

Onitaset Kumat is a Pan-African Nationalist Strategist who focuses on adult education and critical analysis of ancestral wisdom. In “The Book of Power” he assembles over 100 of the most insightful passages in African Ourstory and expounds on each with deep philosophical weight. The overarching message is that Africans can again command the most Powerful nations in the world but not with the current rotation of misleaders and misguiders. Instead, Africans must Sankofa, retrieve the best of our past and use that information for the Work of our future. There is no other book like it. “The Book of Power” has a place beside “Message to the People” and “Ptah Htp” and in matters of Nation building and historical analysis, it has no contemporary equal. This is a book for those whose dreams are set on Black self-governance in a Black economic order where Black people are free to be themselves; and it’s the only outline toward that goal. “The Book of Power” will be your resource for school building, university training, ancestral communion, leadership preparation, war planning and authentic nationalism. This is the textbook of the 21st century and you will be part of the solution to the ongoing race problems of the world.

Onitaset Kumat also hosts Sunday African Warship. Sunday African Warship is a weekly Pan-African Nationalist discussion on African Empowerment. It’s accessible through Discord; just click the link and participate:

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