October 2, 2023

The constant feed of ‘Africa in crisis’ stories in the global media distorts the true picture of a continent that is largely peaceful with dynamic enterprising spirit. We need to to the real , says Moky Makura.

If you’re following global news coverage of Africa, you’ve heard about the coup in Niger, the war in Sudan, and the growing number of stories of migrants who die trying to flee the continent – and I feel deep empathy for everyone affected. But based on these stories, one could conclude that Africa is in a state of perpetual crisis. Yet, as is often the case, the reality is far more nuanced than the headlines suggest.

Let’s talk real numbers, which can provide the context that’s often lacking in these stories. There are 32 countries currently in conflict globally – four of them are African countries facing civil war. Similarly, coups seem ubiquitous but in the last two years, there have been coup attempts in 7…

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