September 17, 2021

44 thoughts on “Lets Get Started!!!!!!Nigerian Lawmakers Demand Repatriation of Chinese In Africa | Viable Tv

  1. Create a African Central Bank where all Africans can Bank their money and be able to get loans. Stop taking loans from the IMF and borrow from your own African banks.

  2. Africa must manufacture its chocolates, and other products. Finished products must be made available for the huge free trade area markets. Africa has a huge market and must utilize it to the benefit of the people.

  3. just send china an email stating that your a trillionaire from your late husbands estate, but your funds have been locked until you pay lawyer fees. china can unlock the funds by sending you $150000, and return you'll give them 1billion $ when your funds clear. but of course you wont cause its a scam. and sign the email winnie mandalea. this how nigerians normally make money

  4. Correct demand by the Nigerian lawmakers. In fact they should legislate and implement this law at the earliest before more damage can be caused by the Chinese to Nigeria and her people.

  5. I'm very much impressed with this session. Honestly, I was expecting a poor out turn but the outcome gives me hope. Hopefully, they'll execute the directives to the letter.
    I'll be super excited.
    Imagine these people lock-in citizens in one of their factories in Ogun State for 2 weeks and in the end failing to care for them.
    For our land, some expatriates still dey harrass us

  6. Why is it so loud and disorderly?
    We are so immature in every respect which is one of our major problems…
    Let's start with following orders and respecting authority.

  7. It shouldn't be any talking, they should be kicking their @$$es out of Africa, period!!!
    I'm not African, but I am of African descent and proud of it; but Africa better wake up and keep all of those non blacks out of the MOTHERLAND!!!
    Once they (whites, Asians, Arabs) take over the continent of Africa then it's a wrap for all black people.

  8. Those seen in the back ground to me show a lack of concern for such a serious matter. To me they need to be replaced with leader who are truly concern about Africa's present and future condition. This man speaking is RIHGT on point!

  9. This’s an opportunity to withdraw all Africans relationships between China, otherwise these people will sweep us with some viruses and stay with every thing! That’s their plan but god is not sleeping! The action time is now! Anti China in Africa please

  10. Isn't the immigration legal though? I mean, if the country these Chinese people are moving in allows foreigners to own land, then how can you force them to go away? It's like saying that all blacks around the world should not be able to own anything because they are foreigners. As a continent of immigrants, Africans shouldn't push through with these sort of laws, because it might come to bite them in the ass when in countries that are not their own. Your laws and politicians are allowing this mass immigration or colonization as you call it, but then again the same thing is happening since 2015 to Europe due to the extreme migrations from African countries. At least the chinese are paying you.

  11. Remember that Nigeria were also the ones to war against the Igbos with the british to reinstate the sale of Africans to the Americas. Those who say China sould not be in Africa, did Africa have trains, readily available water or electricity before China showed up? I can understand why Africans sold Africans, many of yall lack the ability to use your brains!

  12. Brothers, sisters elders. I understand the issue but we've accepted all their trade deals and terms. We are In no position financially to be bargaining with these Chinese people. If anything we should use this new posposition of power to try and renegotiate the terms of all the trade deals chinese has done in africa. Country by country, we should make them take 1/3 of the money owed to them off as a beginning. That way if any country has problems paying for their loans we wont have these Chinese people back to reposses any structure made with their money. Because if such happens the rest of the world will not side with Africa as you can see they all want us to be unprepared for Corona cases so let's play it safe.

  13. Why doesn’t YouTube show the like on certain videos? I think it’s racial bcuz it’s on the same types of videos. Yeah I said. I think YouTube is part of the problem of racism in the world.

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