September 16, 2021

13 thoughts on “Let's Move Back To Africa! | Repatriation | Racism in America

  1. Am happy to see both of u are IGBO origine and u both are gorgeous and we are so proud of u guys. Now listening to ur arguement or conversations per say nnenna is optimistic about her motherland africa🙏🏾 while ngozi is totally opposite believing africa has no future and probably prefare living in america or any other white man's land under oppresion, suppresion and racism instead of going to africa to create her dream country in which white americans would come to serve her or her children some day. Well it's very understandable that we all cannot have thesame opinion or vision but the fact remains that no matter how bad u may think africa is that made people runing out as u said. FREEDOM IS BETTER THAN GOOD LIVING so have that in mind and those that are runing out of the continent are doing so cos the media painted america and other western world for people to believe everything is rossy which is far from the truth cos as far as am concerned america is the worst place any black being could be. In conclusion africa is not for everyone and what do i mean, africa is only for any black person that vallue FREEDOM, PEACE, RESPECT & TRANQUILITY fact.

  2. Going to Canada, or any other western country, that was built on racism and white supremacy isn't going to make a shred of difference. A tree is only as good as it roots, so if the cultural roots of a nation are rotten with historical racism and white supremacist ideology, once the euphoria of moving to another country has faded, you will encounter the same types of people and situations. If you're black and you want peace and freedom from all the overt and covert racism, you're going have to come up with a plan to move away from western culture.

  3. (PLEASE READ!!! IF Black People ( people of african descent) wanted to stand up and have something to call ours we could create a black owned corporation ran and governed by black people only . Set up embassies or consulates among the west african countries that’s dedicated only to black people in the continent and through out the diaspora ( many people in the diaspora find there self wanting to return back home but are scared of the financial aspects of life) These embassies or consulates would act as an organization dedicated to Educating, bridging the Gap, Creating Generational Wealth and creating opportunities for black people on the continent and through out the diaspora! We could acquire land and open businesses along with other investment. Employ locals a few businesses in grave demand would be …

    lumber manufacturers,
    lumber services,

    2.Commercial farming and fishing exporting through out the continent

    3. Recycling plants -rubber, glass,metal, concrete,iron, Etc. Also fish processing to create fish oils and other products

    4.Creating power plants and man made dams for harnessing energy

    5.Manufacturing of furniture and other household goods

    6.Machinery manufacturers ( Agricultural, Automotive, and electronics )

    7. Create a Financial Institution (backed by a form of cryptocurrency which is backed by gold or other natural resources )where we could invest in the locals of African Descent and their businesses in terms creating a growing economy

    8.Providing electronic products, I.T services (backed by black manufacturers) and internet services Used and new phones, tv, gaming systems

    9.Crude oil plants which is in virtually everything( and the continent biggest import)-

    10.Investing in Education institutions that primarily focuses on Technology,Sciences, Artificial Intelligence ,Math, and African ideology( philosophers, Accomplishments, Countries independence, and Struggles from the continent and through out the diaspora)

    So can we accomplish this ?
    I would say yes!
    Black population Around the 🌍
    U.S =42,640,000 if 1 %could sacrifice 500$ to invest in our futures that 210M

    EUROPE=6,600,000 if 1 %could sacrifice the equivalent of 500USD to invest in our futures that 33M

    That’s 243M in spending power(not counting many countries on the continent and South America)
    All Spending will be Tracked to ensure there is no corruption and Business Decisions will be determined by “the people”

    Each increment of 250$ would act as a share. ultimately getting paid a percentage off profits. Ultimately the goal is to force the chinese and other people that’s (not of African descent) out of business and back to where the are from. We could organize a FB group and advertise to other streams of social media to draw support and or interest. If your reading this ,comment your ideas and if it sounds achievable!! feel free to connect with me if you would like to be apart of this!!

  4. Y' all Are so confused you have been drinking the Kool aid. First you maybe need to talk to your elders and tell them to explained what common sense really is. Open your minds and wake up!! don't talk about some place you have not been PLEASE!

  5. Hey Queens 👸🏿 I did a video about why Black need to go bck to Africa lmk what y’all think I want to all blacks to reunite and build Africa back up before China take over and we lose our motherland to foreign investors

  6. Stop interrupting the twin in red! One should never deny the land of their ancestors…..Africa is great for those with MONEY!!! It is the poor that romanticise America or Europe…. I come from an African country with water electricity and good infrastructure educated abroad…I'm dying to go home soon!!!! Girl in nude allow others to speak you keep interrupting the more sensible sister!!!

  7. Hey black beauties!!! Racism, tribalism, religious intolerance, trafficking/modern day slavery the list goes on. There’s no perfect place… let’s keep fighting for justice wherever we are.

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