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Congress managed to actually pass a law, the American Rescue Plan, but not before Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) used valuable legislative time to have the full text read on the Senate floor, rather than discuss why he’s opposed to it. The House also passed the For The People Act, and Lewis, a voting rights ambassador for the ACLU, has some choice words for those who act to restrict the franchise. Also, something happened with Meghan and Harry and Oprah. This rants this week include an interesting perspective on the pandemic lifestyle; a 10-point diatribe about how the Netflix interface operates; a plea to let the pharmacists on the front lines of Covid testing and vaccines do their jobs, without corporate interference; a trilogy of takes on the Dr. Seuss publishing controversy; a rumination in wonderment on where the class consciousness is; and finally, a combustible and epic tale of chasing an insurance payout check through the labyrinthine complexities of the American banking, insurance, and mail systems. In a nice reminder of why voting matters, the live rants come from Iowa City, IA, where Lewis performed just before the 2020 caucuses


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