September 20, 2023
Lewis McCaleb - Black Lives Matter

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21 thoughts on “Lewis McCaleb – Black Lives Matter

  1. If George Floyd was white and the police was black than no body cares and George Floyd did arrest Because he was paying with false dollar and he stay 9 times in jail and every want do if he is jezus

  2. When black people we're being shipped over seas as slaves.. Black people were being captured and sold by black people. White people didn't go to Africa with giant butterfly nets snatching up black people. Children growing up in school's are never taught the truth when it comes to history. I myself am a historian. On a second note, Jesus Christ died on the cross because all lives matter. Grow up people, grow up!

  3. I won't study war no more we repeat the same thing for a new generation now we have to teach our children slavery same thing we learned they will learn if we keep going down the same old thing they don't learn trade how to work or how to be successful only WAR we are only asking for change…Simple😷

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