October 19, 2021

46 thoughts on “Life in the Kenyan Countryside ,Africa Farm Moving 2020

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  2. That mud house looks ire!
    Whoah! You definitely needed to go back to the country! It's much, much healthier for you both! I love these videos, they are real life. I also love the print that you are wearing, it's beautiful!
    So, what exactly is poverty here? Because I'm seeing a people rich in land, food, skills.
    Stop listening to the pale face lies!

  3. enjoyed the video, its a good decision to make my dear, start afresh then move back when things settle down, you're lucky you have parents to Buck you up for some people,we have to adjust to cope with the carrent situation. Have a wonderful tym. Unaheeema!!! kuliko pikipiki

  4. sometimes when the system is jammed it's advisable to reset back to default settings, so you made the right choice to move back to ypour rural home..starting over is the best way to bounce back

  5. am Ghanaian but I leaved in Italy now whenever I will back home am going to leave in the countryside because I have come to love saying in the countryside my mother is from a village so I need to more this videos.

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