September 21, 2021

16 thoughts on “Life Insurance in Uganda | Moving to Africa Series

  1. Life insurance is not an investment. There so many other ways you can invest your money for school fees, retirement, building etc and even get a better return. The only life insurance that's makes sense is Term Life. Endowment Policies is a no for me.

  2. Very informative video! Yeah the life insurance and estate planning game in America is huge. You can save and protect your loved ones and pass down generational wealth. That’s what the wealthy do, also art 🖼. Great questions and she articulated the information very succinctly too. What gets me is people have insurance on their cell phones, cars, houses, etc but not on their lives? 🤦🏽‍♂️ if I go, my future family won’t have to worry about the overhead, where they are gonna stay, or my children’s education and future. As men we are duty bound to meet these basic requirements. That’s our job. sidenote plus the 👀 🍬 helped 🙃 Peace!

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