September 21, 2023
Lil Wayne says Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with him

Watch ’s shocking comment on “.
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45 thoughts on “Lil Wayne says Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with him

  1. I'd like to see a person in his position, with his wealth, succes, and
    impact, say something like "I don't experience racism from my castle,
    but I acknowledge that a lot of people is affected and opressed by
    racism in the world in the streets. I hope it will change. We are
    people. I try to approach everybody from the heart and through my music
    and lyrics. I am skin-collour blind, and I don't have a voice to speak
    for racism at all, I don't have the abilities, I cannot relate to the
    story, I don't have that talent or passion, I can only tell you
    this(…) but since it is important to a lot of people, I will listen
    and I am curius on their perspective, since Earth is moving"
    .. his million dollar rapper attitude couldn't digg for that in his mind
    and heart ..
    Would It be true if he said that ?

  2. Wanna add my two cents but I know they’ll come at me…, but I keep seeing reports that the BLM founders allegedly took millions from the donations for personal use, so I’m with Wayne on this one ‘ My life matters’

  3. Not gonna lie.. as a PoC kinda disappointed with Wayne with this. His words in this video are clear lateral violence…. Cosby and Jackson did the same thing…. I expected more out of Dwayne Carter.

  4. Lil Wayne “Ion feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nun to do wit me ,if u do then u crazy as shit, you ,not the camera, YOU, feeling connected ain’t got nun to do wit u?” Facts

  5. Lil Wayne is a person who doesn’t care about nothing that has to do with him, he’s rich, successful, and one of the greatest. He loves his life and his kids are the only thing he cares about

  6. This is why i love Lil Wayne. Simple the real black people know that BLM is bullshit and make people more hate the black because of this movement. All Lives Matter. White, Yellow, Black, Brown, Red. We're one.

  7. I understand his perspective but let's be real if his gun charge was thrown at Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds I highly doubt he would have done time…

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