June 9, 2023
Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Hamilton and Black Lives Matter (Exclusive)

20 thoughts on “Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Hamilton and Black Lives Matter (Exclusive)

  1. His cap reminds me of Usnavi😁.I wish i could see him playing him cause i got addicted in watching videos about that time in his life.I think it will be hard for me to picture another person as the character.But at least is Anthony,who is amazing actor and i already know and like.Alza tu bandera😍

  2. Look, I love Hamilton, but I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say that our country is systematically racist. This musical is about the founding of our country, and to me what’s more important than race are the principles of equality and freedom that were sought in the founding of our country. I think this musical is brilliant, because the diverse cast and the genre of music drives home the principles set forth in this story and how they are universally applicable no matter what race you are. I have to say, though, I wish that our founding fathers were as diverse as this cast for Hamilton is. That’s not to say that our founding fathers should be criticized for for their ethnicities; rather it was just so refreshing to see the diversity of this musical that when I went to watch accurate re-enactments, it was jarring to see the lack of diversity. That being said, it is in the foundations that our founding father’s laid that enabled our free nation to become the melting pot it is. This time of turmoil is so difficult to endure right now, but I pray for unity amongst all people in this nation regardless of race. We need to love one another because of each of our individual, unique natures. Not a single one of us is the same, and everyone of us is beautiful because of our uniqueness. We must embrace one another in love.

  3. How are there so few thumbs up and so few comments??
    Lin says quite some true and intelligent words. All the historic problems are still here.
    It's bad to remain in the old paths and don't learn from the flaws.
    But for that to accomplish, people need to see the problems and his musical can do so much in this context by letting people connect with history and connect with a super diverse cast. He cares and listen and speaks about the problems from his heart.

  4. I love that he’s conscious of how the past affects the future. To ignore that is how the problems of the past manifest in our present. It’s how we atone for the issues at our countries creation that moves us forward.

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