May 25, 2022

47 thoughts on “#LIVE 20th Anniversary African Union Summit: 35th Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly

  1. How is the African Union (AU) speaking of Nutrition yet ECOWAS imposed sanctions on Mali ? This is a total joke, a waste of money that could have gone to Nutrition for those in Mali. Africa shall never rise if they continue to follow Europe and their Unions. The whole world rely on Africa for stability, yet Africa has NONE. This is a joke.

  2. This is the same thing over and over, speeches and no positive action. Member for Palestine, let it be known that Africa and Palestine are NOT different in terms of land………Palestine in N.E Africa (Africa). The Arabs and the Europeans continue to separate N.E Africa from Africa proper, and that is NOT possible, yet Africans continue to perpetuate this folly. When people say ""Palestine and Africa"", they need to be corrected, they need to recognise that Palestine is in Africa……….you don't get Egypt and Africa because Egypt is in Africa, same with Palestine.

  3. Macky Sall become President of African union, same day Senegal have won the Africa Cup of Nations. @/congratulations Senegal @/love from ETHIOPIA 💕
    2022 is the year of Senegal

  4. The headquarters of the African Union must move it from Addis Ababa to other African countries, because there is no environment of peace and security in Ethiopia,
    so all African members should discuss about this dangerous issue of their security.

  5. Excellent outstanding !!! I am proud of you all. Let’s keep the fire 🔥 burning !!!! God Bless Guide and keep you all !!! Miracle on the Continent of African 👍

  6. Such a great sight to behold an assemblage of Black leaders. Let’s hope that the coming together of these persons leader to greater understanding and interaction among themselves based on the interests and aspirations of the continent’s people. Don’t miss the absence of Europeans whose prime interest is continued colonial domination. By connecting and talking to each other, this also holds potential for the reduction of differences that serve to keep them apart. Africa is resource rich, why then must the vast majority of its people continue to among the world’s poorest?


  8. Israel are deporting African an want to be part of African no we don’t need Israel I. African Union I don’t think Israel love African people. We need change of all African government in development and all European army should live African 🇳🇬❤️✌🏾

  9. It baffles me to see all these Afrikan leaders are wearing masks, while masks stops people from breathing fresh air, its actually dangerous for ones health. So it clearly shows that these guys are just doing a show or they are incredibly stupid and they are unaware of what they are doing to themselves and their people. It is disgusting to watch 🤮

  10. May the african god and the ancestors bless Africa, the african leaders, the african congress and the African children. Great speech your excellency prime minister of ethiopia.

  11. The truth is 90% of African leaders are dictators. They abuse their power, they still election, and they are a bad example for their fellow citizens. So, what moral ground do we have to talk about unity.

  12. Reunification for landscapes and people for as your Holy One is one, so are you as a nation and protect your animals ❤ 💖 💙 💕 and environment. ✌ for the rains 🌧 of blessings around the world 🌎 ✨ await ✋ 🙏 ✨ ❤.

  13. Stop with the pushing of this other profit maker, why let the people suffer such horrible atrocities by same people who strategize your downfall as Mother Africa then let COVID take me because then I would be free of this injustice in the world freedom more important then the cure, just a distraction get over it already

  14. This is ludicrous, Mother Africa politicians sound like they begging and native African American politicians don’t have no power to even speak out against the injustice, the same people who doing Mother Africa unfairly is doing native African Americans the same way and those in the diaspora too. America has created over 700 billionaires, more than any other countries in the world where some African only have one. United we stand divided we fall is a true saying heard it all my life, but we seen to embrace the divided so I guess we waiting for our dividers to tell us as a intelligent people when to unite, only the truth will set us free, maybe I can help all of Mother Africa my mom said a person has no reason to steal unless they are hungry and it’s biblical too, start growing enough food and water and shut America and her friends out, do a sabbatical I believe those who help maintain this system of racism and corruption against their people should stand United because the citizens are suffering and many lives loss unjustly, to stay in a perpetual state of social and economic instability for greed unapologetically is beyond human comprehension, and to know the truth and don’t have a plan on how to lay it out simply, speak truth to power, dress the part take off those European clothes and wear your African garments is a start to show unity encourage your people all over the world to stand in unity of this unnecessary foolishness, if Mother Africa truly stand up by any means necessary to stop the destruction of humanity then I believe others will follow stop talking about the injustice without having a plan in the same breathe, when you come to the table with a problem have a viable solution and strategy, because we keep holding court and no verdict yet, who is on this jury, I would not be talking COVID but our freedom, COVID still here but so is the atrocities committed against Mother Africa, MA feeds the world, politicians stop only thinking of yourselves, you are there to serve the people not yourselves, step down if you have no integrity or character and should be established before running to serve, what is this foolishness, to know better is to do better, we know the root of the, now let’s do better by uniting under one voice as the worst treated people of any on the planet especially for profit, that this is our problem just pick one, just one and run it until it’s annoying, but have a solution before you need outside help because another situation I can make sense of, grown folk, have a plan but get free first, this is crazy who are they addressing the problem too don’t hear no country mentioned, who is responsible for this social injustice, the money spend here could have gone to better use. I am trying to make sense of this nonsense but still have hope, God is alive and well and nobody died and left America in charge and neither white makes right, rubbish, grassroots keep your love because only love can conquer hate and incompetence, we are coming from the bottom up much love Mother Africa shalom

  15. African heads sitting in Ethiopia should listen carefully to the voices of the youths of Africa. No more acting as puppets for your colonial master . The youth of Africa are watching you closely to ensure you put the interests of Africa in your focus and not that of the colonialists. God bless.

  16. United Nations having using the excuse of keeping Peace in Africa for generations. What success can there show. Some their so-called peacekeepers are involved in sexual abuse of young girls using the so-called aid as bribe. Israel cry about the Nazi crime against them but they are committing the same ceime against the Palestinians with the funding arming and support of United States. Unfortunately Arabs are in the pocket of Israel and cannot unite to rescue Palestinians from Israeli extermination and annexation of their land. Whose idea is it to grant Israeli an observer status in the Au meetings. They are spies for America and their allies in Europe. Get wise Africa and think before you act.

  17. Abiy is funny. UAE, Eritrea, Somalia & Turkey directely involve in the TIGRAY war by his invitation. And takling about external forces intervine in our internal problemes.

  18. Africa will not stand if the western are still having their hands on our resources! And we don't have to have the western in everything we do, we are selling ourselves cos there is no privacy! Loans are also killing African continent! Let's not import raw materials because then Africa can create so many jobs for us! Build companies and factories in Africa! We can do that for sure!

  19. all western products are made with parts and pieces that make the whole of cars, tractors, ships, train and the tracks, planes, jets ect, crush rock combine all the aluminum, iron ore, coal, ect from all countries, that's need to make these type of products for every country, this is a continent thing not a country thing, and we need highly secretive people running this, not for greed, to build a powerful one Africa, people or tribes are going to fight, have a solid police system in place if they can't handle it call the military for that country, if they can't handle it get region military to clean the problem up and try to do it within a day, {to all the leaders no tribe is better then any other tribe they should all be treated the same way coming from the government} from the local government, and state government, the federal system never deal with this, unless a conflict have been create where it will take all the military
    {no region military should ever be able to create a coup} if need be you can go in and remove the president, but the vice president becomes the president or another higher leader in that government not a military general or any of them "write a constitution that will be the law no exception to no one man"

  20. African needs young leaders not old the use pumpers instead of going toilet. The group of old people not changing even little things. African Union funded by western and USA . African Union have nothing power to change little things without the acceptance of Wester and usa . We are tired this people waste for hotel and other cost for this uselessness meeting. The young Leder bring good ideas after this meeting the old leader forgot automatically. The old leader only interested about viagra not Covid-19 medicaments.

  21. This is what the west fears,they fear young African leaders because they know what it means. Thats why they are bent on maintaining mumies in power so that they can continue to suck Africa dry.

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