June 9, 2023
LIVE: DO BLACK LIVES MATTER ACCORDING TO ISLAM? | Musa Adnan & Abubakr Islam (Roadside2Islam)

Musa Adnan and Abubakr Islam will be speaking about current happenings, racism in relation to Dawah and the consequences of racism. Be there inshaAllah! #BlackLivesMatter ❤️✊🏿


49 thoughts on “LIVE: DO BLACK LIVES MATTER ACCORDING TO ISLAM? | Musa Adnan & Abubakr Islam (Roadside2Islam)

  1. Muslim are the real oppresser because we want Dunya and the ways of the nonmuslims we gave more attention to Floyd then the oppressed Muslims . We have our own problems to fix world wide including ourselves being that we have comprimised our Deen to the max fooling around with these useless topics that everyone is talking about . Before Floyd died who cared about man did you wake up in the night and cry to Allah for people like this guidance
    You was to busy about taking people like this money due to business . You seen the nonmuslims protesting so you wanted to be excepted and as Muslims started to protest to

  2. I think it should also be mentioned that racism in the Muslim community is not only arabs vs blacks. It's racism of arabs vs pakistanis vs Bengalis vs caribeans vs kurds vs turks etc. In fact the most toxic racism i've seen is pakistanis vs bengalis and kurds vs turks. But in western discourse we usually only hear about racism involving blacks because thats the most famous kind of racism in the west.

  3. God dam it man I can't find my last messages again, that I put up on here, have you preachers black listed my voice again! God dam it man, God dam it, yi is me getting sick of this bull! Rabbismooth, can't get a word in edge were, these days, when the u tube deletes my speech! God dam it man! God dam it! And all because of who, and all because of what! Some mothers out there, don't like what Yi is me rabbismooth, what he has to say! Now tel me, who his the man out there, who keeps on deleting my speech! For this ain't freedoms, this is control, mind control, now who out there, always trying to stop, my mind from speaking! Come there show me your true colours, tell me, who are you, were are you, that's always deleting my speech! God dam you man, God dam you, who ever yi is you is! Believe! 👍🤒✌️🇬🇧✌🙏✌

  4. Those that push the narrative for the BLM are only out 4 there own agenda! It's as simple as that! We are all the same people, so don't let the snake within u, or shud I say the devil within u, drive us two heads apart! It's a multicultural world, not a black mans, and not a white mans, it's both, so know man has the right to segregate, saying BLM, knowing perfectly well, that it's that, that drives us apart! And the police are here to stay, there not going know we're, and only a fool would think else wise! so respect them, and they will respect you! It's as simple as that! Believe! 👍🤒✌️👮✌

  5. Yes! Islam, which has teachings on how to treat your slaves and allows for human slavery, does care about people of colour. Wake up people, Islam is an evil religion.

  6. I wish we could also talk about racism directed at South Asians by the British caribean community. There are caribeans in the EDL and in London I've twice been attacked by caribeans simply because I look visibly Pakistani. This problem doesn't seem to exist in the states. Also the problem doesn't seem to exist with black Muslims alhumdulilah.

  7. I stayed in Kuwait, and witnessed Arab racism! There were bangalis and srilankans, who were mistreated. don't know much about Africans, because much of them knew Arabic well,

  8. Stop making things about gender and race, and segragating yourselves brothers and sisters…

    If you are muslim, you are our brother or sister gender specific according to ALLAH.

    Regardless of ethnicity/race…

    Must change your way of viewing yourselves and others before demanding change amongst others.

  9. محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم لم يرفض العنصرية بالكلام فقط ! بل انه زوّج بلال ( اللذي كان عبداً عند قريش ) من أخت عبدالرحمن بن عوف ( سيد من سادات قريش )
    وكان مؤذن الرسول .
    وقال عليه الصلاة والسلام عن سلمان الفارسي ( سلمان منّا أهل البيت )

  10. Palestinians and Syrians are getting brutally oppressed ethnic cleansing and this guy wants to compare it with 1 person dead in america. You have no idea how easy you have it in america and uk which let's be honest are the only countries which treat ethnic minorities as first class citizens. The west is a inclusive society to every race the struggle in the middle east is no way comparable to "racism" in the west

  11. No ethnic minority even if you paid them would ever leave the west. America and UK are the best countries in the world which give us comfort peace and wealth.

  12. There's no black and white humans. We're all children of the same parents; Adam and Eve.
    We need to stop using these words, because God Almighty says, He doesn't look at your faces and your bodies, He looks at your hearts and actions.

  13. People are being killed just for the colour of their skin……try looking up statistics instead of listening to vicarious hyperbole ,try dealing in facts instead of emotions.
    Opinionation is based on facts if it's not based on fact what is it based on ?neurotic vicarious hear say?
    ps stop pretending Islams peaceful,Muhammad's abrogation clearly prescribes that Muslims follow later violent verses over earlier peaceful ones,your prophet is sickening!serious delusion,

  14. The issue is many Muslims especially those with roots from foreign lands living abroad, and in America are prejudice towards Muslims, African American/Black American Muslims. And, nobody in this forum can tell me otherwise because I am indigenous to America, and have experienced in many, many times. I’ve experienced in of all places in Masaajids, and especially in college. The non-Muslims often were treated better, and with respect. However, when some of them are in life threatening situations, or need assistance, suddenly, I become “their brother.”

    We claim to read al Mushaf al Kareem, the Tafseer, and the authentic ahadith, and also claim to accept its meaning wholeheartedly!!!! Yet, act the opposite. The movement of black lives matter is calling attention to the mistreatment of Black people in America, not superiority of race. Not the denunciation of Islaam. America is a secular country, with Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc. This is something that should be recognized that Black Lives Matter isn’t about religion. Furthermore, Black Muslims living in America do know what Islam is.Don’t be mislead. As a Muslim, I don’t participate I demonstrations because it isn’t permissible, however, I understand the stance of the participants in the BLM movement.

  15. But mohammed was trading slaves ? Even aisha freed a black slave and mohammed said she should have given the slave to a family member because the reward from allah would be bigger. Who do you want to kid little kid ?

  16. Assalam Alaikum Brothers And Sisters in Islam, To be honest White, Asians, Pakistani, Afghans,Bengali muslims or non muslims Asians, Arabs, are all ignorance and racism against blacks people,
    This people need a serious education about Islam,
    They know only about Bilal ibn Rabah (may Allah bless him).
    We blacks build Islam with Prophet Muhammed PBUH.

  17. Black people should understand by ask themselves how important they are, Because every one have a problem with black people.

  18. This people calling themselves making fun by calling black muslim Bilal Subhanalah, but listen to this
    Once the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

    “O Bilal, what special actions did you make that I heard the sounds of your footsteps before me in paradise.”

    Bilal said, “I did not do anything worth mentioning, except that every time I performed a Wudu (ablution) day or night, I prayed after this ablution as much as it was written for me. (Tahayyatul Wudu). “

  19. We never have any Sahaba Asian in the all history of the beginning of Islam, and remember all the prophets history begin in Africa.
    Only Allah know the best of mankind.
    Prophets Muhammed SAW has black.

  20. Look racism against Bilal RA
    His marriages:

    One day, the sons of Abul Bukair (R.A.) came to see the Prophet (SAW) and said, “O messenger of Allah, find a match for our sister.” The Prophet (SAW) observed and said, “Why not marry him in Bilal?” Hearing this, they came back, but after a few days they came back and repeated the same request, and the Prophet (SAW) gave the same thing. So, after a few days, they came back for the third time with the same request. This time also, the Prophet (SAW) gave the same answer with the following addition: “Bilal is an inmate of Paradise, you should marry your sister with him.” So, after hearing the counsel of the prophets, they married their sister in Bilal.

  21. What about the gay lives lost due to Islam ? What about the lives lost due to leaving Islam ? There should be protests against these barbaric Islamic practices.

  22. Floyd was a gun slinging crack head. "Live by the sword , die by the sword". Historically, Muhammad was more brutal than the American police by far.

  23. “Allah’s Apostle was on a journey, and he had a black slave called
    Anjasha, and he was driving the camels (very fast, and there were
    women riding on those camels). Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Waihaka
    (May Allah be merciful to you), O Anjasha! Drive slowly (the
    camels) with the glass vessels (women)!’” (Bukhari 8, 73:182).

    • “From his share of captive women, the Prophet gave his son-inlaw,
    Ali a slave girl, Raytah bt Hilal to enjoy her at his will. He
    also presented Uthman b. Affan, his son-in-law, another slave girl
    Zainab b. Hayan, and bestowed another girl (name unknown) to
    his father-in-law Omar Ibn Khattab. Omar gave that girl to his son
    Abdullah” (The History of Tabari 8:9–30).

    • “A man decided that a slave of his would be manumitted after his
    death and later on he was in need of money, so the Prophet took
    the slave and said, ‘Who will buy this slave from me?’ Nu’aim bin
    ‘Abdullah bought him for such and such price, and the Prophet gave
    him the slave” (Bukhari 3, 34:351).

    “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘You should listen to and obey your ruler
    even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a
    raisin’” (Bukhari 9, 89:256).

  24. Is this a trick question? Why would black lives matter if the world will not identify us for who we are? Of course we matter but why we matter is what is most important. We hold the light the key and the law of nature within us! You cannot buy morality and divinity. This ( blessing ) is always given. The source of our blessing is in our blood from our descendants. (ancestors) The blessing can never be taken from you but you can give your blessing away. With this being said how can people who tried to take our blessing (taking our land and material things as well as rap!ng our women ) recognize us in Islam? We are food to them that contains no life. They can never be full of life or peace because no blessing is given they are taken- full of curses.

  25. Really? So why in a Muslim country in N Africa are the people so racist to Africans who are black? Don't fob me off as i have seen it first hand! And the best bit, a lot of them are actually muslim too! Joke!

  26. black lives do not matter according to non black muslims. islam is VERY anti -black in those communities. if a black man wants to marry a arab or pakistani then all hell will break loose. i've seen what black muslims go through. im so glad i didnt join islam.

  27. Answer easy: The people behind BLM, not all who walk with it though, refer to marxism. Marxism views religion as a thing to overcome in a society. Dont believe me. Check it out yourself. One founder of BLM said that they are trained in political marxism and marxism goes back, ideologically, to Karl Marx. Check out what he contributed in the book "communist manifesto". This is a trap! I swear to Allah….do you people understand what the core ideology of China is and why the put the people there in concentration camps? Socialism/Commnuism HATES religion! They may use you mean while, as a marginalized group and you feel good about it, ofc you do!! but its not upright from them. Everything I said that is right, is from Allah and everything that is wrong, is from Shaytan.

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