Live Streamed long form content documenting the process of completing a finished piece in one session. Stream of Conciseness prints are available here:
Live Tuesday’s at 9am PST / Noon EST / 5PM GST

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DCO Sticker packs:
———————-Art Supplies Used———————
Light Box: UK:
Calligraphy Pen set: UK:
Strathmore Vision Watercolor paper: UK:
Windsor Newton Series 7 Brush (I used a #4) UK:
Liquid Acrylic paint: UK:
Montana Liquid Acrylic Paint: UK:
My Favorite waterproof black Ink: UK:

———————-Live Stream Setup———————-
Camera Gear:
All Other Riding Gear:

From Chances with Wolves:

———————-Host info———————-
Dustin Klein: Working Artist, Lifestyle Cyclist, Maker.
Personal Site:

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A weekly installments of the art making process.Starting with sketching, working on a drawing as a foundation and eventually Painting and Inking in a finished picture all in one setting. Hang out in the chat, keep it on in the background or check in through out the session. You help make our creative community something worth being apart of.
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