September 21, 2021

23 thoughts on “LIVING IN GHANA | Moving to Ghana from America | 3 Perspectives

  1. Hi Vanessa, this is very informative esp for the project I am working on. I am looking for singles there and wanted to know if you could help me with that. Or maybe how I can get in touch with Kuukua and Jacob.

  2. After growing up in abject poverty in Jamaica, and moving to the States when I was 16 I am good here, I have never had a longing to go live in Africa, I have an uncle who moved to Ethiopia, but as a High Priestess of the dead, I was given my next assignment when I finally make my transition here. I was told I would be sent back to the continent and it's a country on the continent I can really see living my next incarnation. Btw it's not Ghana it's not even in West Africa. I was told to stop speaking about my next incarnation, so sorry I can't mention the country. Nice for them finding peace on the continent, I believe with America you have to live here, but learn to detach from the drama and fuckery that quite frankly exist everywhere, on this planet, no single place is perfect not anywhere where humans have stepped foot. And of course black magic comes in handy for when you are faced with things like racism and injustice. You can extract your retribution there haven't failed me yet.

  3. I'm from DC and have been searching to move to a place in Africa Ghana is definitely near the top of the list. Love seeing my beautiful especially my lovely sisters make the Xodus back the Motherland. I want a better life and a family of my own I believe maybe this is the place where it can happen.

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