September 21, 2023
Living in Tanzania | Repatriation Journey #repat | Ep.4

Moving to Africa? The Motherland has been knocking at your door, hasnt she?In this video I will discuss Visas in Africa, …


11 thoughts on “Living in Tanzania | Repatriation Journey #repat | Ep.4

  1. Shalom Family
    This week will be another awesome week. May you find this video helpful during your repatriation planning. Please like, comment & share this video with others!

    Asante! Merci! JΓ«rΓ«jef! Thank you πŸ™πŸΎ

    0:00 Intro
    1:17 Repat Income Sustainability
    2:39 Entry & Exit Requirements
    3:43 Visa Options & Advice
    5:09 Residency In Africa
    6:17 Land Ownership In Africa
    7:44 Healthcare In Africa
    8:25 Education System In Africa

    Thanks for watching !!

  2. +@KRYS DYNISTEE : Daughter of Zion l saw πŸ‘€ your interview by T3&Me and l came to support your YouTube Channel Page. Shalom, Salaam my Hebrew Yisraelite Sista Queen πŸ‘‘

    PS. Yes The Motherland has been knocking Thus Saith The Most High Abba Yahuah through his only begotten Son Yahushua Hamashiach. APTTMH YAH HALLELUYAH AMEN.

  3. I’m also from the south central L A area so I feel a kinship with you by wonderful sister especially I’m impressed with your strength to home school your twinsπŸŽ‰ I wanted to do that some 20 yrs ago when my twin sons were in grammar school also how does one find out about Africans various visa and residency rules?
    I have lived in Djibouti camp lemonier visited several other countries their. Keep up your fine efforts.
    Your L A brother Jamil

  4. Krys this is a calming and informative platform. Your personality and precious family are a breath of fresh air. Will someone please introduce Wode Maya to this YouTube channel Please. Thank you T3&me.

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