March 24, 2023
LL Cool J Raps About George Floyd and Black Lives Matter | NowThis

31 thoughts on “LL Cool J Raps About George Floyd and Black Lives Matter | NowThis

  1. Real hip hop lyrics from an uncompromised rap artist that always made demands in hip hop since he told his right hand man earl " BOX" Thats when Def Jam said ok he is signed with us.

  2. eyy yoo after this bomb i can't shut myself up but ll cool j ; whatever he's commercial or what , he will always will be mr. smith to me ! coz he's doini't ! re s p e ct mr. smith hope to hear sum great stuff from you and Q-tip .

  3. Which bourgeoisie neighbourhood this multi-millionaire owns a mansion would he like to see "burned to the ground". A hypocrite at best…. and a leeching profit-monger at worst. Either way…. he gladly accepted whitey's Kennedy Award… another out of touch sjw. Hopefully his heart is in the right place.

  4. White people have this fantasy of being the facist perpetrator. But they fail to realize how it will effect them and those around them also. And also it will go against what they supposedly believe in. Democracy. I swear public servants are too far gone. I bet a republican cop was pleased being beat up and spit on by the white supremacists on Jan 6.

  5. This is utter bullshyt!!!!… abiding blacks do not feel the same. Only criminal identified blacks have this sentiment. Sadly the media and so called black leaders always want to act like this applies to all black folks. If you are a criminal then you should be scared of law enforcement. Liberal blacks want to live in a violent, murderous and lawless society!!!!…..Conservative blacks want to live in a safe law enforced orderly society!!!

    This has nothing to do with slavery and oppression and Jim Crow etc. This is simply a career criminal…who tried to scam a business out of money using fake currency and then when the cops showed up…he didnt want to comply and had to be subdued…and he died in the process..back that up a few…if he hadn't struggled he would have ended up in jail just like the numerous times he has gone to jail.!!!! Mind you the cops were called by a black clerk and also George FLoyd had robbed a pregnant black woman in the past at gun point!!!!You be the judge.

  6. The video was scary..and depressing…….but let me ask you this…

    .If you are the 711 clerk or store owner..would you accept the fake $20 bill and loose business that day?

    If you were the cops…would you also let the perp go free and not arrest him?

    If you were the cops would you allow the perp to over-power you and thus hey…you never know…he might use your gun against you?

    Long story short….i hate crime and criminals….anyway to get rid of these 2 items is great for me!!! Besides…we fight wars to kill enemies in other countries all the time….whats so different about criminals in your community?

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