September 28, 2021

28 thoughts on “Looking At A Beautiful House For Sale In Kololi Gambia

  1. the environment is cool, but i don't think the house 🏡 worth that amount, because the design is not luxury an the finishing is not standard to be honest it's too expensive.

  2. The “window’ between the kitchen and dining room in my opinion should not be there but just be open so the chef can ‘pass’ the dishes through and chat to the guests if the host is also the chef

  3. Big things aah gwan in the Gambia ppl just building thanks that dictatorship ist over. Future is africa love you ap and the Queen her self. Call her Name jooooodiii

  4. Ap and Jodie this is Trini. Coming soon. My daughter. Did u buy land already. I am counting on you guys. /. I love the house. But want land to build a double home on the compound. I am an Airbnb host just expanding

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