September 22, 2023

‎”…is He a mockery to you? He must be something real. Must we by your actions deny His goodness and love for us and seek and search for the God of Africa, the Allah most high, noble and Almighty?” – The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey

This is merely the preview of how eye am breaking this boy Seti up over the lies that he presented about the Prophet (PBUH) and the Moorish Science Temple of America. Being that Alim Bey did not do it because Alim Bey does not rep the Prophet, the MSTA, or anything Moorish Science, a true vanguard of the Prophet had to step up and finish this guy off.



  1. @nubiansworld LMAO…IGNORANCE IS BLISS! You are a prime example of that brother. Do you know that our people that are called Nubians, actually reject that term because it became cognate with slave? Do you know that they prefer to be called BARABRA because that is their old ethnic handle? If you know as much as you talked, you would be a brighter person. Some of our people love ignorance. You know nothing of the Islam that we practice brother. Go love yourself brother.

  2. @nubiansworld No it doesnt brother. You should do more research and see for yourself. You cannot present one shred of evidence to back up any of your claims or you would have done so. Give me a source that shows and proves what you have stated above unless you want me to simply take your word for it and I dont do that. Your claims, every last one of them are completely frivolous and without merit or validity. If so, simply show and prove right now.

  3. @nubiansworld Islam is our peoples religion. It was founded by religion. What it has become is a whole nother story so please stop making stuff up brother. Show and prove that I worship Arabs. Matter fact, what is an Arab? My people dont have any real study under their belts. They make up stuff and wait for people who think like them to applaud them. Arab was a name stolen form us. DO SOME RESEARCH!

  4. @NAGANEGUS If you want to see your flag waving, why are you telling us about on a youtube comment, and not going all over the world, killing off every religion and simply planting your RBG flag? It makes no sense whatsoever to yap in a youtube comment when you can simply go carry out your plan of RBG domination. I dont get you people.

  5. LOL you tell the Arabs in Saudi Arabia that the land they occupy means "Land of Blacks"
    And news flash "A elder of the Afrikan Muslim branch made Hajj, ande told me Afrikan men still cant marry Arab or Pakistani women & they turned Bilal's Mosque into a 99cent store".Now to the rest of your comment Islam means submission so the natural RELIGION (relying on) of the Black Man is Submission? Jesus was used to keep us submissive. Come back home brah. back 2 being in your cultural and cosmic context.

  6. @Talib1 I never said that Arab means "Land of the Blacks" as there is no such people as a black people. My religion is Islam. It is the religion that we gave to the world. I am at home, my forefathers founded Islam and the paler skinned people took it and now you dont recognize it and think African spirituality is about spear chucking and pushing a bone thru ya nose and a plate thru ya lip. We live our culture every day bruh. Time for you to com eback home and stop confusing mines with theirs

  7. @nfoltegum I guess, you are better than they are huh? All of that hate in your hate, they coulda really used you to do some conquering huh? Lol…yall people are jokes. Dont know nothing about history other than what your European funded afrocentrists, who were mainly Christians and Catholics have told you.

  8. @nfoltegum Prove that Moor is a European word for so called black people? If you cant right now, you will be blocked from my page for your foul and vile rhetoric.

  9. Go to my page, check my video called ARE ALL SO CALLED BLACK PEOPLE MOORS? HISTORICAL AND ETYMOLOGICAL PROOF THAT THEY ARE. And I guarantee that you will think differently.

  10. You have a weird outlook on the etymology of words. Where do you receive your information I must ask?? Even this brother Seti have enough sense to state in his debate with Bro. Larry that the Pale Men of the earth have no language, every word they come up with is a watered down version of a indigenous term that has it's origin with us. The word M.o.o.r might be a Greek word but you are speaking a English language and MOOR itself is ancient term and predates Greek. Greek comes from us anyway.

  11. We created and spoke many languages. We are the mothers and father of all things anf you got the nerve to give him the credit of creating a Term that is evident to see we used to describe us as a race when we were still Kings and Queens ruling the world but we fell but then turn around and Title yourself African and black when that is a fact that we never identified our self with a color because a color is a a verb that describes a noun. Ok, you call yourself a "black" man but what is your race?

  12. You are Europeanalized and dont even know it. Moorish history is a hidden history anf you brother fall right for the trick every time of jumping and things that seem to be. One thing I can say that this Pale man is the father of and that is confusion and Illusion.

  13. Def, Dumb and Blind! Islam is a form of Kemtic Science, so when you say Fuck Islam you are saying fuck the Egyptian Sciences as Well because the word Islam comes from out of Egypt. All you know about is ORthodox Islam that the Pale Arabs and Popes of Rome created but that is not what we deal with. You are speaking on a topic you have no right to speak on due to your lack of understanding. True Islam is a Science not a dogma.

  14. I dont know where to start with all of the misinformation that you have spoken. So I will just leave it there. When you guys are ready to come from behind the youtube comments section for a live debate, then let me know. Peace.

  15. Islam. Yes it is. I believe some of them to actually be CIA or working for CIA. Not near one has come, in all of these comments, refuted ONE SHRED of the information in the video. The rest of them are just truly deaf dumb and blind. But like Nas said "Sooner or later we'll all see who the Prophet is…" Love and Peace to you fams.

  16. Well lets have a debate then. Being that I cant get Seti to debate, the guys at the Amen Ra squad are cowards, they wont step up for a debate, so being that you have ALL OF THESE FACTS, why dont we just set a debate up? With all of your helix DNA science, I am quite sure you would shut me right down with that science and your portion of history. Why waste time going back and forth in a youtube comment section when you can only type 500 characters or less? What say you?

  17. Tony Martin states that at the 1922 U.N.I.A. convention, “several delegates suggested that the association should adopt Islam as its official religion since three-quarters of the black world were Muslims and Muslims were better Christians than Christians”. The discussion was lively and occupied both the morning and afternoon sessions, under the topic “The Future Religious Faith and Belief of the Negro.

  18. ” Garvey himself presided over ther afternnon session, declaring the subject to be “of vital interest and importance, in that it struck at the strongest side of the Negro, it being conceded that the Negro was more religious than anything else”.

  19. "…is He a mockery to you? He must be something real. Must we by your actions deny His goodness and love for us and seek and search for the God of Africa, the Allah most high, noble and Almighty?" – The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey

  20. "…is He a mockery to you? He must be something real. Must we by your actions deny His goodness and love for us and seek and search for the God of Africa, the Allah most high, noble and Almighty?" – The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey

    The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, pg. 412 By Marcus Garvey (Author), Amy Jacques Garvey (Author)

  21. Then it is obvious that you have never read the Prophet's prophecies and oral sayings.You obviously dont have the whole story and that is why brothers like myself are here to clear up the air. He does not take the place of any Prophet. Each Prophet was appointed to a people at their times. You thought that, but that is not truth. There is no place in the Koran of Mohammed where Mohammed said dont make a depiction of him. That comes from Hadith innovation.

  22. Islam. Those videos from Seti are his first videos he did like 4 years ago. I guess he is still trying to dis the Moors but I bet you he wont get up on that stage.

  23. A profit is a thought allah manifested in human flesh. The duty of a profit is save nations from the wrath of allah. He allowed us to honor our mothers and fathers so our days can be long upon this earth land. Peace

  24. Islam Bro Abba.I use to be a member of the MSToA back in the 70s.I still consider myself a Moor even though I'm not active in the Temple.I just want to commend you for the work you are doing.

  25. Where do you think the Aquarian Gospel comes from.All Gospels come from the Blackman.All Gospels can raise a people if the people are taught correctly.The original Arabs are Black.Bro Abba is using his energy to help raise our people.What are you doing with yours?We don't have time to be putting 1 another down.Our people are dying and all you can do is criticize a Brother thats trying to do his part in helping us.

  26. HTP

    LORDABBA9 at 13:40 you bring the knowledge of Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey's Nationalization and subsequent pardon. How can I verify this for myself and others? Thanks for all your work and energy.



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