September 19, 2023
Lord Jamar: I Don't Support Black Lives Matter, It's Not Our Movement (Flashback)

This video has a glitch at the 7:50 mark where the visual freezes up. You can see a proper version of the video here:

In this flashback, Lord Jamar explained why he’s not down with the Black Lives Matter movement, stating that it was organized by billionaire George Soros to control an organization for the Black community. He went on to speak about social engineering and how Black Lives Matter was socially engineered, and Jamar also stated that he believes that the faces being put forth in the public for the movement aren’t the real leaders. To hear more, including how he looks at Marcus Garvey as a great leader, hit the above clip.


40 thoughts on “Lord Jamar: I Don't Support Black Lives Matter, It's Not Our Movement (Flashback)

  1. 3:24 This man is d***! I think he is the one that don't understand the world cuz he is living basic on democrats' lies and victimization.

    Lil Wayne is a great man cuz he doesn't victimize himself like this mf and all BLM do.

  2. Anyone following this news on BLM's finances?

    "California's Department of Justice is reportedly warning a Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization it will hold leaders accountable if they fail to provide financial information regarding the charity group's supposed current $60 million bankroll."


    Black Lives Matter 'delinquent' on finances, Calif. AG warns BLM risks tax-exempt status-abc 4 news

  3. Or Maybe Zimmerman should’ve gotten life in prison for killing a child…
    Maybe yt people shouldn’t used Armauds past in 2013 as a reason to murder him in 2020?
    Maybe Amber should’ve gotten life for killing Botham Jean inside of his own apartment?
    Maybe the cop should’ve got life for killing Philando when he tried to pull out his wallet? Maybe the cop should’ve asked the girlfriend to show him the registered gun license on PAPER?

    Maybe the cops shouldn’t have shot Tamir Rice over a toy gun? Why let the two white Boys go freely after playing with toy guns & write a essay about a deceased Tamir Rice?

    Maybe if Emmett Till killer and false rapist victim comes forward and gets life like she deserved because the killers are already burning in the 9 circles of Hell?

    Why is it a cult when we just want y’all to do the time for doing the crime? Why is it always a problem when you keep killing us and getting away with it?

    Why can’t we jog ? Why can’t we sit in our own homes without having to fear we would be gunned down illegally?

    Why can’t we live? We pay our bills and still get killed. We pay our taxes, build ships, teach kids, do everything yt people do and still get murdered?

    Stalked..murdered..our bodies posted to social media.. and y’all still get away with murder.

    Defund the police? Yes. They aren’t solving crimes ANYWAY. They giving out speeding tickets to people who they WANT. They pick and choose who to give a speeding ticket too.

    We can’t even fight for this place called home without getting pepper sprayed in MILITARY uniform… all cops are bad because good cops get fired for speaking out. Good cops get fired for wanting equality. We are fighting for equality..he sounds idiotic because they don’t treat us like they love us because they NEVER loved us.

    Peter Spencer is dead..after being gunned down 9x by his 4 white coworkers. A black woman was murdered going camping with 8 other white women. They killing black men and women in numbers..

    Pay attention…

  4. So weird to see how Americans focus so much about difference in race. I'm a white man from Europe and I can tell you for sure that a white American man has more in common culturally with a black American man than he has with me. I've experienced this myself. And i'm pretty sure that a black American man has more in common with a white American man, than he has with a black man from Africa. Go abroad and you'll find this to be true. Imagine a white and black American man together in Afghanistan. Man the differences would vanish like snow melting in the sun. They would be so fucking thrilled to have each other in that moment. Their common language and flag bonds them, along with their basic values, morals and mindset. I really cannot understand why Americans do not see this. Put a white American and a black American in a situation where they enter a room full of Taliban together and see how quickly they have each others backs.

  5. What if this social engineering he’s speaking of is what’s being done by proving false truth and misinformation so people like him won’t support causes that support blacks. The 1960s and today are completely different. $5k in the 60s is like. $60k today. It’s way easier to financially support causes today than it was in the 60s. His stance was that George Soros donates several millions of dollars and how that wasn’t happening in the 60s. Who’s writing a multi million dollar check to a random person in the 60s. Now these organizations are set up as organizations nonprofits. The black panther wasn’t set up the same way. I’m pretty sure the NAACP had wealthy white donars in the 60s. Everything this man says is just conspiracy

  6. You can go with being a Hebrew Israelite but i will go with being a child of God and a servant of Jesus Christ of Nazareth instead.

    Id rather be humble before i fumble and tumble down the wrong path not knowing where im at getting lost having pride in my race or nationality when the bible is really my map like black lives matter is another trap because every life matters we come from Adam and Eve so do not be deceived by the enemy that you cannot see putting thoughts into your m i n d blinded not being able to see honestly the root of all evil is the love of money it is not even funny the enemy thought he took everything from me but Jesus Christ said in the end we will win see God loves us all but not everyone who speaks the name Jesus is following Jesus because Jesus told us there are those who are trying to deceive us telling us that they are Jesus but they are definitely not Jesus because the only one without sin is Jesus but do not fret Jesus will never forsake or leave us everyone is suffering in some type of way and i know he sees us our ancestors were slaves in Egypt but he freed us took the time to feed us and he is the son of God he does not really need us but still he loved us while we were sinners because he is Jesus so do not abuse his grace to continue living in sin repent and change your ways everyday is a new day to come back to the King of kings listen to what God says im just a nobody who knows i need Jesus Christ of Nazareth in these last days he is the only reason why i am not afraid with whatever comes my way i was lost like the 1 sheep that strayed i thought God did not listen to me when i prayed and even when it felt like he left me he stayed i am sorry for whatever you are going through everything will be okay all praise to the lamb that was slain the son of Yahweh.

  7. I think it is sad, that y'all excuse him because he been In that weird industry since a young one , and y'all just excuse it that is why ppl like him will continue to progress on in such madness / BLM isn't blacks movement like Jamar said they control who our leaders will be.

  8. I like this dude. "Look it up!" He would have been great for Reading Rainbow. Read a f'n book. Stop being stupid and read a book. Look it up.

    "Do they have a website?"
    Are you f'n kidding me? That's the dumbest thing I have heard today. Wow! The ignorance. If they didn't, I would be creating the name for that website yesterday

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