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What is the Angel Training Corps?
(As of 3/20/15)
It is an organization manifest with 10 principles, 5 objectives, and 1 ultimate destiny.
Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Luxury, Money, Good Homes, Friendship in all walks of life
1. To train the youth (15-30) to actively and openly engage the public teaching our people those things necessary to make our people good citizens via their educating and galvanizing.
2. To Unite all the schools of thought by getting a thorough understanding of what each one is and their objective so we may reach them all effectively and efficiently!
3. To provide an economic foundation based on financial incentive and equity for the various members and degrees of in order to build a stable field of commerce for Asiatics in the immediate area of an AIT(Angel-In-Training) Squad/Operating Jurisdiction
4. To become ONE with the political arena of the city in every city exercising an AIT jurisdiction and work closely with the Mayor and elected/appointed officials to SEE TO IT that our people’s best interest is observed.
5. To Provide our communities with PUBLIC BENEFIT, that is the
A. PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT, via community involvement, recycling programs, neighborhood upkeep,
B. IMPROVING HUMAN HEALTH by introducing proper dieting and exercise via programs, classes, seminars, etc
C. PROMOTING THE ARTS, SCIENCES, AND ADVANCEMENT OF KNOWLEDGE via educational institutions specifically designed to teach Asiatics about themselves and for themselves.
D. INCREASING THE FLOW OF CAPITOL TO ENTITIES FORMED FOR THE SAME PURPOSE via the acquisition and proper distribution and appropriation of grants, charity, donations, etc
E. SOCIETAL NECESSITIES AND SECURING OF HUMAN RIGHTS (The establishment of Food Production and distribution, Clothing Manufacturing, Shelter Establishment and long term habitation) etc.
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Your time and energy is a great assistance in the facilitation equipment such as cameras, traveling, classroom space, and materials for distribution such as informational pamphlets and flyers.
The MAIN objective of ATC is benefit to Mankind and maximizing it universally. To help, join or more info visit and inbox
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There is much more on the way and I thank you for your support. I humbly invite you to consider becoming a member of our association and help us grow to achieve our goal.
Peace. Love Light and Law.



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