September 18, 2023
Louis Farrakhan VS Sara Suten Seti

22 thoughts on “Louis Farrakhan VS Sara Suten Seti

  1. You Are A liar! I pray with my hands up, and I am not apart of any masonic order or cult. I have not taking any oath or have made any illeagance with no other than The Creator of All.

  2. My brother is seti is a warrior but out of love. The masons if anything were created by white folks to protect white folks mainly the rich or what you would call one who oppresses. I don't think the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan is part of a white mans masonry. This is a man who is fully committed to Allah. if he is a man of God then why would he be apart of the white mans (devils) system? When he knows who the white man is?

  3. all of you all saying you're from From egypt please provide your ancestors history. Show your connections. otherwise if you can't provide real proof quit talking about it. 98 % of you guys ancestors are from United States. do your history here first and then do kemet history. otherwise shut up

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