July 3, 2022

30 thoughts on “Madagascar President Escapes Assassination, Israel to Join the AU, Africa Olympic Ban Continues

  1. "Israel joins African Union as an Observer" 🤮🤮🤮
    Guess on whose side Israel was during the apartheid?
    Nelson Mandela and Gaddafi must be rolling in their graves.

  2. Since the African Union is only an intermediate step towards the United States of Africa, this means that when this Federation will be constituted, and it will be one day, the State of Israel will be annexed to it.

  3. I wonder what happens if the African Nations unite as 1 Nation. All for one and 1 for all? Does it seem impossible? Blk people are known for being able to overcome the toughest challenges, I think Africans could do it if they really wanted to. I also think that united together instead of being splintered into many seperate countries as fractions of oneself would go a long way towards ending the foreign exploitation of Africa. As it is they can pick you apart in sections.

  4. Whoever blesses Israel will blessed. America has been really blessed becos of Israel

    Folks, blessings is about to hit the African continent.
    The scramble for Africa is about to hit Africa again.

  5. It is absolutely wrong to give Israel any leeway in as far as African Union is concerned. Imagine any African country being allowed observer status in the European Union. Remember also that Israel many years ago applied to be a European country. WHAT IS WRONG WITH AFRICA? It is so easy for anyone to trick and fool Africa even as a whole continent.
    CRY THE BELOVED LAND. Let that Israeli status be stopped immediately. Let nobody give any excuse for failing to stop that wrong.

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