September 20, 2021


  1. Sweetie, you said that the Germans are discriminating against Africans because they keep talking about how poor their country is, but let me correct you on that my dear. They are discriminating against you because you are BLACK, not because your country is poor! These people think that they are inherently superior to us. . . YES. even the "nice" "liberal ones" feel that easy about us! They can't help it because everything around them is designed to send that message whether blatantly or subliminally. The sense of superiority that they have is ingrained in their subconscious minds as a belief system that they cannot help whether they will admit it or not. That sentiment they hold applies to ALL black people regardless of what country they come from.
    I do agree with you on the point you made about Africans investing in Africa. Too many see the white man's land as the freaking Garden of Eden. They give their skills, their time and their labor to building and improving The white man's land instead of going back and investing in their own country and people. That is one of the best examples of self-hatred I have ever seen!

  2. Africa is +50 countries. I am always surprised when people about +50 countries based only on their experience. Clubs party after party is not the lives of all africans when you see some people from west africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal…) are going back to Africa.

  3. Thanks Ruth for telling the truth! AA have a better chance staying in the US if they are not prepared to invest monetarily in Africa. Let's be honest if Africa is so desirable why are Africans all over the continent fleeing to the West? Because as you noted the continent is impoverished and the level of corruption is not sustainable for AA even for the average Ghanaian. Africa is beautiful rich in many ways, but we must be completely honest with ourselves when considering making a life decision to permanently relocate!
    Peace n Blessings Ruth ๐Ÿ•Š

  4. Please don't come to Africa if you expect to find a Job or something. Come with a strong business project after a thorough market search and culture understanding. When Europeans or Chinese come to Africa, they don't come to get jobs or aids. They come here with purpose, with business project and invest money.

  5. I think that you are going to eat your words in a few years. Africa was not underdeveloped …Africa was over colonized…But we are waking up. Watch and see, don't criticize. And I am not saying you're totally wrong. But all nations rise and fall. .Srart with you. Lead and people will follow.

  6. Thats not the problem moving black 2 Africa the African Government need 2 take care of the people. Thats there. And then the move will be not talking2 me Africa is not poor the European is there the Chinese are there why are they there.I have something 2 go back2 ..shout your mouth

  7. FYI those people that preach in matatus are not things they are called people… FYI it's their calling and their job the same as to the surgeons and tutors.. Respect your fellow human being whether poor or rich. The only difference is that opportunities come to others compared to others..NEVER in your life call a human a thing yet you are a human yourself and you still sire a human.

  8. This is what my boyfriend has done to himself. He has sent money back home to Kenya to family and they wasted it. He even tried to start businesses so his brothers could have jobs. His brother stole from him instead.

  9. Hi Ruth I love the massage, on this video thanks alot, I have a few friends who I forwarded your video too who don't understand swahili, next video if u have to speak Swahili can you please have translation in English, youtube is globe all in all thanks for your enlightenment

  10. The Ant n the Grasshopper, Life is not a constant party. So its great to hear our Kenyan sister telling the truth. Just because its Africa, doesn't mean mangoes are for free. You might have to kill a snake to pluck that mango๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. You may not going back to Africa,thats your problem and others who do think like you,people like you give Africa a very bad name,you keep your thinking to your self,one love Jamaican here.

  12. The only way we as a people will ever be able to live in africa in peace is by secretly expanding a malitia and advanced firearms. That is more important than food when dealing with the heathen nationalities that control this world. Because if everything else takes off productivity wise they are gonna stage a fake war against africa to keep people down and poor.

  13. What I find funny is that the blacks live in white countries, but they constantly talk about how they love Africa and donโ€™t live in their country.

  14. Ofc thereโ€™s nothing to go back to. Thatโ€™s why we have to go back to build it duh!…. we need to build our own black own business in Africa. Itโ€™s not that hard everybody does it in America so why not do it home in Africa. The money can come later but the business has to come now. trust and believe U DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR SOMEONE FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE. ๐Ÿ’ฏ and the only thing we need is knowledge not even $ if u got a brain u can figure out how to make that $.

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  16. We have resources and minerals in Africa l lived in the US and Europe the money, the racism there was too much. But here in Africa you don't deal with that

  17. Key problem with diasporans is when they fly abroad, think they've made it. Start giving fresh fish to families Instead of teaching them how to fish and the cycle continues. You are wasting time no matter how hard you try

  18. Those countries robbed Africa of its natural resorces and build up their countries and get power and control over Africa and don't put any infrastructure in the continent for the people to prosper

  19. If africa wants those in the diaspora because those in the diaspora are caught up in western infrastructure then african countries need to provide western infrastructure for those returning to the motherland. For example things that they expect that they will expect in life abroad. I do however belive that africans and africans in the diaspora will have to go through the struggles in order to make a good outcome.

  20. I am going back so you might not but I am…I don't care what y'all talk about those who live there are okay so will I. Those who don't want to go are just fooling themselves.

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