December 1, 2021

20 thoughts on “Making A Stop At The Clinic For The First Time In The Gambia

  1. My mother dream is to build a round house, I would love to visit The Gambia, we are Jamaicans living in the UK, bless up. A people without knowledge of their history/ thyself is like a tree without root" Marcus Garvey.

  2. Hi African Pickiney
    love the video. would you be able to visit and show us a modern round house, with more than one bedroom, the ones we have seen was in the guest compound.
    just a thought ?? what you think.

  3. Nothing but love for my brother and sister peace be with you. May the seeds you plant all grow strong in the mother land, if you know what I mean hint hint.???😊☺♥🖤💚

  4. Jody, you look suspiciously pregnant, do youhave good news to share soon?
    I stayed in Senagambia last year for 4 months and i loved it. I'm desperatley wanting to come home, working on it now.

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