November 26, 2022

32 thoughts on “Malawi Destroys Covid Vaccines, Nigeria's Stolen Money Returned, Ethiopia to Plant 20 Billion Trees

  1. All the wealth and prosperity in the west is, simply put, proceeds of crime; crimes against humanity.
    What happens to proceeds of crime? Appropriation (or, in this case, reparation).

    Here's how it could happen:

    1. All loans, and interest (plus penalties, if any) thereon, to the countries of Africa be voided and nullified

    2. Annuity payment (increasing, in perpetuity) to each country in Africa, equal to, say, 15% of a country's GDP today. Said payments will, of course, be adjusted for inflation and interest when they are due

    3. France pays back, in full, the interest accrued on deposits of the countries it has enslaved using the CFA franc and converts said deposits to loans from said countries of Africa

    4. All payments be made in the currency of each country's choice. (We should've come up with a common one and priced it ridiculously high, for good measure)

  2. Yep and still they say it didn’t happen. We have to shut up and get over it. Just like in Amerikkka the Netherlands is built on the backs of our ancestors. And the stolen goods they want money 💰 for it to return the arts. The whole thing is that my people the Hebrew Israelites are in a very deep sleep 😴. And the fake “wish” just like in Amerikkka are in charts. But not for long. Yah is on His way. HalleluYah. APTTMH. Peace ✌🏾 and blessings. Thank you for bringing this up.

  3. Please please watch the documentary called 'Exterminate the brutes' by Raoul Peck.
    Africa must continue to rise and kick out European governments and companies who continue to drain money from this continent.
    But please do not forget that Africa like other countries and continents have people born and call the place they are born as home.
    Let's not do what the European colonisers did by polarising people based on skin colour, religion, race, etc. Let's treat everyone as human beings.

  4. NO. African's should not get reparations for the dutch slave trade but the descendants of those sold into the slave trade in America should. What sense would it make for the Africans to profit off of the slave trade twice when they are the ones that allowed the Dutch to steal other Africans from their own continent to a fate at the time worse than death. Not a single native African deserves reparations for the slave trade its insulting that its even being considered.

  5. Thank you for your story about the Dutch we know they were cruel they treated Indonesians the same but could you do a story on the Hottentots and explain how they treated Kalahari Bush men or other blacks that cut hands and feet of other blacks to get gold off. Just to show you treat every one equally.

  6. WE HAVE TO QUESTION this SLAVERY bullshit !! if really slavery was slavery !! THey put us in this DAm BOX of thinking …every time we have to begin to think always in this " LIE " Slavery made Story..
    i am out of this Bullshit … How can transport 1000 0r 600 Ppl in that dam WOOD BAOT to Amerika ? if today Modertn SHIP takes 4 weeks or even more to get to Amerika ?? they got our Brain in BOX. wake up ! Blacks Ppl

  7. I want to go back to Africa . Good to see Nigeria has good and not always bad . It has always been a trick to keep Africa from being self sufficient from all sides . Complete independence .

  8. Let’s get to all of it. Sierra Leon just sold their rainforest and beach to the Chinese? Why isn’t this all over black Twitter and every social media outlet. We need to have our head on a swivel ready to donate from all over the world to prevent these things from occurring. We need a movement on this NOW or we will lose Africa to people that don’t even tend to their own environments. 55million for the ecosystem and your water. It’s amazing how these politicians are selling out their people and black people in general. We need to start a movement on social media against these bafoons selling of the mother land to strangers. These strangers would laugh at you if you even asked them to sell you a block in their country. This is unacceptable.

  9. The reluctance is due to the fact that vaccines have been in the past used to harm African populations…. people are awakening and this has nothing to do with demonisation.

  10. Happy to discover this page.
    Afforestation in Ethiopia 🇪🇹, why Ethiopia alone? It should be a continental project.
    Let the world know that PLANT 🌱, the ONLY synthesiser, that FEEDS and HEALS other organisms and environment. The dieu and messiah of all creations on the planet.
    It takes a Higher Intelligence to create it for others to enjoy.
    Blessed be ADONAI.

  11. Ibori's theft shows why corruption will never end in Africa 🌍. If he stole over $100 million and the Nigerian government could only recover $5.8 million then this only shows that crime and corruption really does pay.

  12. When anti vaccine protest started in the 90s it was about the mercury and so in inside. In the 2000s, it was found that mercury, formaldehyde and dozens of other harmful chemicals were in vaccines, they were pulled from US and other Countries causing a worldwide shortage. At the same time Bill Gates was in Africa giving away free vaccines. How?

    What do you think happened with the vaccines that were full of the harmful chemicals? Instead of destroying them, they took the tax breaks by giving away the poison.

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