September 21, 2021

50 thoughts on “Malawi's Human Harvest – Full documentary – BBC Africa Eye

  1. I love you guys, you put your lives at stake for the sake of revealing some of the most dangerous practices that takes place in our communities…May God reward you!

  2. I see no powers here. The guys doing this are still really poor with all this 'power' at their disposal. How come? I believe the clients just sell body parts and everything else is fake. Did you hear that prayer lol. The guy was praying to Jehovah, a 'rival God'. The guy also talked about putting that hand behind your door and you go missing. These guys are killing people and making the locals believe it's magical to delay or confuse investigations. When in actual sense they're doing it physically not spiritually. It's body part selling, poisonous concoctions using blood and herbs, and placebo charms to me. No one can disappear, make new money from nothing (track the serial number if you want), walk through walls, levitate, walk on water, etc. It's all debunked even here on YouTube. Let's be more skeptical and stop selling body parts please. In Nigeria the same thing is happening. The ignorant are told to kill people and take the bodies for a 'money ritual'. The guy will sell and give you money from the gods. When in reality the gods are black market human parts buyers. Some man there said, after getting arrested, that he sells hands for 20000 Naira, approx. 50 USD. That's about $385 on the black market in the US. It's a business with many middlemen! Africa is a good place for these guys I bet since we're so spiritual and lack the technology and skills to investigate killings as effectively as in the west. Believing it's spiritual only confuses us and delays investigations!

  3. I can’t believe that people still practice Voodoo. Voodoo is just nonsense, totally uneducated, poor village people that are brainwashed. Stupidity, murderers. Child/ human killers, absolutely disgusting people who practice these illogical beliefs.

  4. The cruelty and sheer wickedness behind these crimes is mind boggling to me I am not a supporter of the death penalty but these guys make my blood boil. Everybody seems to know who they are yet the police does nothing it's a disgrace I wish the targeted people could arm them self and kill every single one of these lowlife scumbags including their clients and the people protecting them from being brought to justice.

    They have the same problem in Uganda if i am not misstanken at least there they had a guy who started a NGO so he could bring these people to justice by paying for the police operation and for the court proceedings that the judicial system can't finance it them self is unbelievable in its own right.

  5. Why can't they use this to build a plane. Why kill others for things that make no sense. The journalists should have informed the local police before their investigation.

  6. We are truly in the last days. So much evil. But if these sacrifices are supposed to bring prosperity why are these witch doctors living in poverty. Seems they would elevate themselves if they had the power.

  7. They claim they do strong charm for business why aren't they rich now?
    People from that place must not patronize those evil fake charms so the killing will stop. No buyers NoSeller.

  8. Why does the BBC promote colonialism? Your stories tell the truth but in the shadows of serial killers who were brutalized by the Europeans. Document how the British burned people alive

  9. As Africans certain portions of us know these charm work not just these low lives but top notch businessmen and politicians however this is disgusting behaviour to use innocent people to further dark practices. What’s wrong with hard work and creating something of value? What is there to gain through cruelty because you can’t take wealth created this way. It all collapses when you have passed and your family lives with the curses.

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