Slamming Deathcore outfit Malcontent is here dropping their third single “Symbiotic Sentience” featuring Daniel Burris of Gamma Sector off of their upcoming album titled “Embodiment”
Chugcore Exclusive Premiere

Artist: Malcontent
Song: Symbiotic Sentience (Feat Daniel Burris)
Album: Embodiment
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Location: Indiana/Massachusetts
FFO: Signs of the Swarm, Shrine of Malice, Mental Cruelty


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Credit and lyrics: Adam Spencer: Vocals
Julian Zapata: Instrumentals

Featuring Daniel Burris of Gamma Sector
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Artwork and logo by Maxwell Aston Art:
Video by Malevolent Media
All instrumentals recorded, programmed and edited by Julian Zapata at In Hollow Recordings
Vocals recorded by Adam Spencer
Mixed and Mastered by Aaron Pace at AP Audio:


Symbiotic sentience
These movements are not my own Bearing witness to my own actions Charging into the night
My form emboldened by the moonlights pale stare
Approaching the peak of the vale Forced to watch as my body descends
Into the mire
Trudging on despite my lack of desire Haze being lifted from my mind Suddenly aware
Detecting the presence of another within me I writhe inside
Inside I writhe
A fully formed consciousness has grown beside my own I am losing the fight for bodily control
Two hosts to one body
It lies still for a moment Whilst we convene within

“Your grasp of this form is feeble
I have existed since the dawn of man”
The urge to kill now corporeal Free to walk this physical realm
Now approaching a place so familiar Upon arriving at the door
I peer into this home
And to my sheer horror…
Phasing through my rib cage Erased from this horrid place
These movements are not my own This is not me
I see them weeping
I watch them bleed

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